Arrow’s Katherine McNamara On Mia’s Desire To Win Oliver’s Respect

Credit: The CW

Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Barry (Grant Gustin) need a support group about time traveling future children who grew up not knowing them and all the awkward emotions that comes with it.

With Mia (Katherine McNamara), William (Ben Lewis), and Connor (Joseph David-Jones) still in the future, the gang figures out a way to send the trio back to their time. They need to go to Russia to handle it though.

Along the way, Mia and Oliver will attempt to bond in their emotionally stunted ways.

Talking with TVLine, McNamara teased upcoming developments in the father-daughter relationship. She did promise that tensions between the duo will warm. Slightly.

“But tensions are running high in the multiverse at this point, and anything could get in the way of that. Oliver’s not used to having his kids around when he’s “working” per se. He’s not used to having to think about their well-being in the midst of battle. That presents an opportunity for their relationship to change, but it’s also an opportunity for Mia to show off what she does best in front of her father, which is a welcome surprise on his part.”

If you think that Mia will work through her issues in a healthy way, then McNamara says you have another thing coming.

“She would rather fight her way out of a situation no matter who it is, and I think that moment for her is when she was at her most vulnerable — that’s the first moment that Oliver really sees the ramifications of his choices. Yes, he was protecting his family, but at what cost?”

Given how similar she is to her father, we will see how the two of them butt heads in tonight’s episode “Prochnost”.

“You get to see both of them “on the job” and whether or not they see eye-to-eye. They’re both used to being in charge, they’re both used to being the one with the plan and the one who carries it out, and they’re similar in how strong they are, so moving forward it’s a bit of a power struggle. But also, you get to see a bit of their banter for the first time and that comes from the fact that Mia’s sense of humor is very similar to Felicity’s.”

The interview slightly touched on the series finale for the flagship Arrowverse show. McNamara couldn’t reveal much, but she did call it “iconic”.

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