Andrea And Lena Take Trips Down Memory Lane In “Confidence Woman” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, Kara and William got to work investigating Andrea Rojas and Obsidian North. It turns out that Andrea was dating William’s best friend Russell, who was believed to be killed by an assassin known as Rip Roar. Obisidian North’s new VR contact lenses launched worldwide. During the launch Rip Roar attempts to flood the West Coast by blasting a hole in the Antarctic. Luckily, Nia was able to stop the tidal wave while J’onn and Kara plugged the hole. Rip Roar turns out to be Russell in a suit that is grafted onto his body. Andrea? Well she’s controlled by the mysterious Leviathan.

Lena, meanwhile, continues her work into mind control and stopping human’s desire to harm others. She experiments on Malefic, promising to help him be able to kill J’onn. She reneges on the promise when her experiment succeeds, incepting his own mind so he will be compliant.

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Shade: William watches Rip Roar in the interrogation room. Kara, as Supergirl, thanks him for coming. Brainy lays down the details about Rip Roar’s tech advances. The shadow figure from a couple of weeks ago arrives to go after Rip Roar. Alex heads in to protect him. They are able to thwart her, but she’s gone. Is that Andrea? She’s the shadow. Andrea arrives at Lena’s apartment to ask for her help to get into the DEO. She talks about Leviathan with Lena. Andrea doesn’t want to kill Rip Roar. Lena refuses, saying they aren’t friends.

Fired (Flashback): Teenage Andrea and Lena meeting at boarding school. Andrea teaches the shy Lena about confidence as they get drinks and spend the evening together. Lena tells Andrea about the Medallion of Acrata, whose wielder can be shadow to her will. In the future, Lex and Lena go over the reveal of Superman, which exposes aliens to the world. Lena is fired by her brother for not wanting to kill Superman. Meanwhile, the Rojas’ are facing tough times in the tech world. He has to let go 70% of the workforce. He tells Andrea that he’s fired. Andrea and Lena commiserate over their family issues and business woes over lunch. Lena and Andrea decide to go searching for an ancient alien element to stop Lex, which has the symbol of Acrata.

Ruins (Flashback): Lena and Andrea head into the jungle near the village with the symbol. Andrea falls into a hole that opens up in the ground. Down there, she finds the Medallion of Acrata. A man appears in front of Andrea, calling himself a messenger. The messenger from Leviathan talks about Andrea’s father Bernado, who is on the brink of suicide. In exchange for her father living and living well, Andrea must sacrifice her happiness. Andrea takes the Medallion, betraying Lena, for her father’s happiness. One day Leviathan will call upon her, telling her to be prepared. Andrea lies to Lena when she arrives. Obsidian enjoys a rise in stocks and a better future. After Lex is arrested, Jack Spheer arrives to take Lena elsewhere. When Lena runs into Andrea, she sees the Medallion of Acrata.

Shadows (Flashback): Jack and Lena argue about her need to leave Metropolis. Jack wants Lena to talk with him, trust him. Lena feels like she cannot redeem the Luthor name in Metropolis. With Andrea’s betrayal, she doesn’t think she can trust anyone. They break up. Andrea meets Russell in London, feeling guilty over what happened with Lena. Russell is really charming and asks Andrea out to dinner. Kara goes to visit Lena, delivering some emails from a data breach to Lena. Kara asks Lena to game night, who says she didn’t come here to make friends. The old woman from Leviathan comes to call on Andrea for her end of the deal. Leviathan wants Andrea to kill someone, she tries to refuse, but they will frame up her father for insider trading. Andrea uses the Medallion and kills a governor.

Friendship (Flashback): Kara and Lena run into each other at a restaurant. Kara offers her hand in friendship to Lena, who decides to accept. Russell notices that something is up with Andrea when he finds the Medallion which summons the old lady from Leviathan. Old Lady Leviathan is about to kill Russell, but Andrea “saves” his life by telling them about his work in bio-enhancements. They use it to turn him into Rip Roar. That seems like a good decision, never mind what he can build for you.

Edge (Flashback): A couple of months ago, Lena is still feeling the burn from the lies that Kara kept from her. When she sees Andrea’s face on the news, she grabs her old book about the Legends of Arcata, deciding that she never needed any of her friends. She plans on using others in order to further her own agenda. Lena calls Andrea into the office to sell her Catco, calling it the perfect advertising platform for Obsidian. Andrea agrees to it.

Horrible: In the present day, Andrea apologizes to Lena about everything. Lena wants to know how she can believe Andrea. Andrea tells her that she was right and shows her the magic of Arcata. Andrea never wanted to betray Lena, but did what she had to do. She calls taking the Medallion the biggest mistake of her life. She begs Lena to believe her, who says she does. She’s tired of people hurting each other. Alex and Kara talk about how to reach Russell. Kara is able to reach Russell enough to tell her about Leviathan. Lena sets up an attack in order to distract Kara away from the DEO. She blocks the signals and Andrea uses the “do not harm” device to disable the agents. J’onn feels the psychic attack, but Alex uses a psychic inhibitor. She’s the only one not affected by Lena’s device.

Leviathan: Andrea arrives at the DEO to get Russell, but the incepted agents are proving tricky to get around. Andrea is able to get Russell out of the DEO and to Lena, who demands the Medallion in exchange. She incepts Russell to threaten Andrea with his life. She says that the betrayal for love hurts the most for anything. Kara tells her friends and William about Leviathan. Andrea attempts to smuggle Russell out when a sniper takes a shot. It’s Old Man Leviathan, who tells him that the Medallion activated the darkness within her which is where her powers came from. Lena watches a memory of her and her mother. Hope tells her that any properties the Medallion may have had are gone. She asks Hope to access Eve’s memories about Leviathan.

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