4 Your Consideration: Can You Change Your Personality Type?

Most people have heard of the Myers-Briggs personality types. There are 16 possible personalities, all a combination based on four unique dichotomies. These are: where you focus your attention (introversion or extroversion), the way you take in information (sensing or intuition), how we make decisions (thinking or feeling), and how we deal with the world (judging or perceiving i.e. planning or wining it). The Myers-Briggs personality type is based on self-report, meaning there is a margin of error, but many people claim that the qualitative description of the type they have been analyzed to be, fits their personalities. Though some people are disappointed by their result. As such, is there a way in which we can gain skills to alter our personalities?

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One of the most coveted personality traits people wish for both themselves and for others, is to be more confident. Even outwardly confident people wish to have more of it and have areas in which they feel less assured of themselves. Confidence differs for many people – famous actors and musicians claim to lack confidence in some areas while flourishing in a public setting for instance.

One of the main signifiers of confidence is the ability to speak publicly. Public speaking is a skill that can be taught and one that can gradually improve confidence in the act itself and in other actions. There is a nationwide society known as the Toastmasters International, which invites members to attend in order to practice public speaking and presenting skills. If this sounds like your worst nightmare, it may just be the thing you need to do.


Another of the major traits that people wish they had was to be more decisive. To be able to make decisions quickly, and make the right decisions, is a trait that people look for in leaders and also attracts those who are less sure of themselves. There are plenty of ways to improve your decision-making abilities and most of them involve playing some kind of game.

Playing chess can improve decisiveness as you will need to analyze a situation and make a successful decision based on this information. Playing online roulette could also help to improve decisiveness by taking some of the perceived worries out of making decisions by practicing the activity itself while placing value on your actions. While even playing games like scrabble or Call of Duty forces you to make decisions that have consequences, which consequently helps to desensitize you to such situations.

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Another trait people hope to possess is dependability. Whether this is in a professional environment; so that you shine in your job, or in a personal way, where friends and family know they can count on you. Some people have this in spades, while others struggle to achieve it and self-sabotage themselves at every opportunity.

In order to be thought of as dependable takes a lot of work, especially if you are viewed as being flaky or unreliable. Make a concerted effort to do everything you say you will do as a start, but it will take some willpower to truly improve your dependability. Do this by setting yourself a task. This could be to read a book a week for a year, to go to the gym set number of times, to complete an online activity, or attend a night class. You could even brave it and enter a month-long competition, such as National Novel Writing Month, which challenges you to write 50,000 words in one month. Arguably an impressive achievement to be proud of if the deadline itself can be fulfilled.

Changing your personality type can be difficult – or it can be easy, depending on how you self-report. It’s more important that you have isolated an aspect of yourself you would like to improve and that you are attempting to change it for the better, illustrating that you are consciously aware of your own targets for self-improvement.



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