Tom Ellis Says That Lucifer’s Final Season Will Be Split Into Two Parts

Credit: Netflix

Lucifer has already gotten us hyped and sobbing over its final season.

The current mood is solidly hyped with the news of the show’s long-awaited musical episode. Even so, we’re still not ready for the 16-episode farewell to the beloved series.

The real question is, however, is Netflix dropping all 16-episodes at once or splitting it up?

Tom Ellis, who plays the title devil, says that the final season will be split into two parts. When series superfan Kelly Clarkson made a set visit with her mom and sister for her daytime talk show, he dropped the news.

“Season 5 of Lucifer is going to be split into two halves. Netflix is going to drop eight episodes, and there’s going to be a little break, and then they’re going to drop another eight episodes.”

You can watch the video for it below. It’s really sweet and hilarious with the announcement toward the end of the video.


This isn’t a huge surprise. Shows like Breaking Bad and Teen Wolf have done a split season. It’s not even a concept unfamiliar to Netflix: BoJack Horseman, The Ranch, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina have all been divided into parts.

We’re inclined to believe Ellis. He has a trustworthy face. There is no release date for the final season of Lucifer whether whole or divided at this time.

If you do want your devil fix, then all four seasons of the show can be seen on Netflix.

Bec Heim