There Are “Blurred Lines” Between Those You Can And Can’t Trust On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, J’onn and Malefic fought each other triggering a Martian curse where brother cannot harm brother without feeling extreme pain. Kelly used the Obsidian VR tech to help J’onn dig into his memories. A lot of the ones about the Martian Civil War are apparently missing, but the ones they dug up revealed Malefic as traitor. Malefic, determined to destroy J’onn’s new family, takes the forms of Kelly and then Alex to harm the Danvers sisters. But clearly, he did not know their power. Now his plan is to “reset” J’onn’s mind.

Kelly and Alex along with Nia and Brainy have some couples issues over those new relationship stumbling blocks. Alex worries she doesn’t know enough to be so in love with Kelly. Brainy does too much in his romance with Nia.

Lena had Eve Tessmacher kidnapped, mapped her brain, and implanted Hope in her body to help her rewrite humanity in order to “do no harm” to each other.

So let’s see where this goes?

At The Club: William interrogates a guy name Jerrod to help “us” with something. Jared is more interested in a girl rocking some serious spider tattoos. One of which climbs into his heart and kills him. Kelly is still being open and helping strangers with her problems and Alex wants her to be more cautious. Alex sees Kara stress-eating donuts, but she’s terrified about lunch with Lena. Alex reassures Kara that Lena wants their relationship back on track. Lena and Hope continue their work on the VR tech and Q wave to rewrite the human brain. Lena doesn’t want a world of robots just better people. Hope thinks that Lex can help from beyond the grave, but the research they need is locked away in a very secure facility. Lena wants to use Kara to get it. Brainy is still reciting poetry to Nia. Andrea runs her editorial meeting, but news breaks about a scientist, Niles Jerrod, being found dead. Kara pushes for a story, but knows William is lying. Kara tries to confront him but he brushes her off. James sees Kara, who tells him about the death and William spiking the story. He offers to help Kara investigate the death. Nia arrives at J’onn’s office, who asks for her help in delving into his missing memories. He needs to shine light on what he’s missing. He needs to understand in order to stop him.

Disguised: Malefic disguises himself as Kelly’s old friend Pete Andrews, who welcomes him warmly. He says that he needs help, and she promises to do so. Kara picks up coffee eclairs and lunch for Lena from Paris. Kara tells Lena about Andrea’s tactics and William’s skeeviness. She asks how Lena is, who tells her about nightmares of Lex. Kara offers to get Kelly involved. Lena says she needs to read Lex’s journals to take away his power. Kara offers to go and get the journals for her. Kara heads out to meet James at the ME’s office where she scans his chest, finding a tattoo of a spider inside of his heart. Nia drinks some Martian herb tea to help her and J’onn connect their minds. Malefic had a hard time connecting to the hive mind of the Green Martians and could only cause pain. Malefic could project his thoughts and pain on others. M’yrnn took Malefic away where he couldn’t be hurt. They had to leave him alone somewhere to heal. The White Martians became Malefic’s salvation. J’onn believes that in his anguish, M’yrnn wiped their memories. J’onn feels angry and heartbroken over what happened: that M’yrnn essentially murdered Malefic.

Tattooed Heart: Kara is trying to figure out about the mystery tat and why William wants to axe it. Alex wants to know about the lunch and Kara shares that she promised to go get Lex’s journals for Lena. Alex doesn’t want Kara to do it, but Kara feels she has to help Lena. Brainy hacked the club security feed where they see William arguing with the doctor and the women with the spider tattoos. Malefic spins a tale of woe for Kelly about how his brain is broken. She gives him a chance to apply. He says that he’s in crisis now and needs her help. She needs to go through the normal channels. Malefic pushes and Kelly agrees to help him on the downlow. Nia wakes up from a nightmare and Brainy is concerned. Nia posits a hypothetical to Brainy about telling someone something but if it hurts them. Brainy says sometimes they need to be honest even if it hurts. Nia needs to go see J’onn. The tattoos are aliens that attaches itself to the host. The aliens attached itself to a former Special Ops officer named Caroline O’Conner, who is now an assassin. Kara arrives at an address where she finds a flashdrive hidden away. Kara is pinned against the wall while James fights Caroline. One of her aliens heads through the eyeslit of James’ mask and she escapes.

Remove: James has to undergo the world’s most intense tattoo removal to get the alien out of him. Kara is concerned about him, but James will always jump in if Kara needs him. Kara decides to go break in and get Lex’s journals. Nia tells J’onn that she has more information for him, but it will be painful. J’onn agrees to see it. M’yrnn is having a breakdown, overwhelmed by agony. J’onn says that it’s not M’yrnn’s fault, who says he failed a test and doesn’t deserve to live. It turns out it was J’onn who erased Malefic from everyone’s memories in order to spare his father the great pain he felt. J’onn remembers that seeing his M’yrnn like that scared him and that he crossed an unforgivable line. He spent the last 300 years trying to repent for fleeing Mars, but that was the least of his sins. Nia tries to offer comfort, saying that J’onn saved his M’yrnn, but J’onn said the act was selfish. He asks Nia to not speak of what she saw to anyone and she swears. Malefic is hooked up to the Obsidian North tech and sounds a bit nervous that Kelly can see his memories.

Super Thief: Kara rushes in and out of Fort Summit to get Lena Lex’s journals and a watch. Alex arrives to offer protection for a Dr. Stern, the next on Caroline’s hit list. She makes her attack, but Kara stops it. She then goes to fight Caroline. Kelly realizes too late who Malefic really is and he uses his inception power on her. Nia gets a vision and goes to J’onn. While Caroline has Kara webbed up, Alex uses the device to remove the aliens when a shadow man rises up to kill Caroline before she can talk. Malefic takes control of Kelly’s mind and prepares to kill her. J’onn and Malefic attacking each other triggers the curse. Malefic escapes when security arrives and Kelly can see a strange light around Malefic. He takes control of a security guard to shoot Kelly and J’onn tackles him. Malefic disappears.

Link: Alex, Kara, and James arrive to see Kelly and J’onn. He tells them about Malefic’s power and how Kelly can see his true form. He also tells them about the power to intercept. They need to remove Kelly from the board in order to protect her. James agrees to protect his sister. Nia returns home to Brainy. She tells Brainy that everything he’s been doing has been too much for her. She finds the gestures sweet, but too much for her. Brainy is confused because she wanted him to be himself. Brainy has been built to go 100%, but that’s his problem and not hers. He leaves. William meets with a shady guy who tells him to keep going at it. Kara delivers Lena the journals while Kelly and James leave to parts unknown. Kara slips James a transmitter portal watch as a just in case. Alex promises Kelly that she will find Malefic and bring her home. Lena looks through the journals. Hope deciphers Lex’s journals, which are all about mind control.

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