The Good Place To Have Perfect, Bittersweet Ending

Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC

If you’ve been glued to The Good Place like I have ,you were probably quite disappointed to find that Season Four is the last.

But show creator Mike Schur wanted to have a proper ending, and said in a Hollywood Reporter interview in June that the decision to keep it to four seasons was actually taken quite early, though the team kept it quiet.

Star William Jackson Harper (Chidi) in a Hollywood Reporter In Studio interview in July echoed Schur’s comments about the need for a clear ending. Although admitting he could have done the show “for decades”, he then said in the interview: “We’re trying to make a story and be honest with ourselves, and be honest with the folks that are invested… to watch the show. ..We want them to see the story that we wanted them to see, rather than we’re out of ideas and now we’re just treading water….”

Jameela Jamil (Tahani) talked to Entertainment Weekly at the New York Comic Con yesterday, and said that Mike Schur “wanted to end the show with the dignity the fans deserve. And it’s a perfect ending. It’s devastating, but it’s really good.”

Meanwhile, Manny Jacinto (Jason) also met up with Hollywood Reporter In Studio. He said that prior to filming, the cast had all tried to come up with their predictions but had all failed. “We don’t know what’s going on in the Mike Schur brain.”

He wouldn’t give anything away about what would be going down in the final season, not even about Jason and Janet’s romance. “All I can say is that as Manny and as D’Arcy, [Carden] who plays Janet, we both went them to end up together.”“Will they, will they not? You have to tune in. That particular relationship is so fun. … It’s so special because [it’s] an all-knowing entity and this clueless DJ from Jacksonville, Florida ending up together. That’s like, if that can happen, anything can happen.”

Of the finale Jacinto said “Fingers crossed people will feel as if they’ve been given a very satisfying and complete ending, and something that’s very optimistic.”

The Good Place season 4 is currently airing in US at 8pm on Thursdays on NBC and each episode airs 24 hours later on a Friday on Netflix.

Carolyn Hucker