The Conflict Between Malefic And J’onn Gets Critical In “In Plain Sight” On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

It’s been a crazy start to the fifth season of the show. There are definitely no signs of stopping. Malefic tricked Kelly last week into resetting his brain so he can use his inception power. Essentially, Malefic can control people’s minds. Due to using Obsidian North’s VR tech and the power surge of his powers coming back, Kelly can see Malefic when in disguise. In order to protect his sister, Kelly and James go into hiding until he’s dealt with.

J’onn, meanwhile, teams up with Nia in order to uncover more of his memories. He learned that Malefic couldn’t connect to the Green Martian hive mind and his isolation by their father drove him to the White Martians. J’onn ended up breaking the biggest Martian taboo and erased all memories of Malefic from the hive mind.

Nia, meanwhile, is honest with Brainy about how he can be a bit much at times. Brainy says that is how he is programmed before leaving. Lena manipulates Kara into stealing her a bunch of Lex’s journals for her “do no harm” project. Then there is an assassin with spider tattoos who is killed by another mystery assassin when she is about to be captured.

So let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Disguised: J’onn disguised as Kelly walks down the street to draw Malefic out with Kara, Alex, Brainy, and another DEO agent nearby. Malefic comes and there is a fight. It still ends with him getting away. Kelly is not feeling the best right now as she and James head to Calvintown, which has taken a downturn. The DEO has a “Martian protocol” in place. Alex is still freaking out over Kelly asking Brainy about how the Phantom Zone projector didn’t work on Malefic and the psychic inhibitors fitzed out. Malefic has a unique brain though. Alex wants to use a device designed to kill Green Martians, but the others convince her otherwise. It’s a last resort. Brainy, meanwhile, is dealing with some intense feelings. Nia calls Kara to tell her about William’s shadiness: wife is fake and he’s going to Mexico City instead of London. They call in Lena, who plans to use this situation to her advantage. She wants to keep Malefic detained so she can study his unique brain waves. Kelly and James arrive at the house where they find a bunch of kids squatting there. Kara heads to Mexico City where she finds Elena Torres, who William was meeting, dead. William leaves the crime scene looking shady.

Mysterious: Nia says Erica Torres is part of Obsidian Worldwide, their parent company, and someone William was with is part of Intergang. Brainy and Lena test the Phantom Zone projector on J’onn but tests are going well and Brainy’s nerves are shot. Alex preps the device in order to feel safe, just in case. J’onn feels so guilty because of his past memories and Alex feels like her job put Kelly in danger. Kelly and James run into one of the kids who was squatting at their house and invite him to dinner. Kara heads to Erica Torres’ apartment in full Supergirl gear. Another assassin shows up to kill Elena, who has wind powers. Kara contacts Alex, who is with agents getting the weapon. One of the agents there is incepted by Malefic, who then incepts Alex. Oh boy.

Inception: Kara drops off the prisoner with Alex firmly under her control. The kid, Simon Kirby, comes over for dinner, thanking Kelly for her help. She has another vision of Alex and a weapon. Simon tells James about how everything is screwed in Calvintown since the prison came up. The lawyers, judges, and others keep the prison full in order for the pockets to remain lined. The tests aren’t working and Lena sends J’onn out to breathe. She asks Brainy about his little boxes, he tells her it prevented him from having a relationship. She tells him that maybe he needs to just ask for help with the Phantom Zone project and Nia. With Brainy out of the room, Lena works on getting things go her way. James heads to the Calvintown Gazette, where he interned once. He runs into his old mentor, who is uninterested in doing the story calling it “complicated”. The prison is destroying the town but keeping it alive. If he runs the story, then the paper is dead. Elena’s death, as it turns out, has been fake. There has been a secret bank account with Elena and an anonymous encrypted person. Nia tells Kara about the relationship problems, who suggests letting her have some space. Alex, still incepted, goes to see J’onn, confronting him about his lies. She calls him the real monster and not Malefic.

Free: James is able to get a lawyer to handle Simon’s mom’s case. Simon is majorly disappointed that James won’t be sticking around. He calls it not his problem. Kara sees J’onn in a conference room and J’onn confesses everything to her. Kara tells him that he messed up in the past but now he can make different choices. J’onn thinks Nia told Alex, but Kara tells him that Nia has been with her the whole day. They figure out Malefic has incepted Alex, who grabbed the Green Martian gun and armor. If he crosses Malefic’s mind, however, then it could hurt him. James and Kelly talk about Simon, but Kelly has another vision. She knows Malefic has Alex and wants to get back now. J’onn pushes to try to find Alex and connects with Malefic, who tells him to come to the planetarium alone.

Locked: Malefic lures J’onn to the Martian exhibit where Alex is waiting with the gun. J’onn tries to reach his brother, saying that he and the other Green Martians are at fault. He has a second chance if Malefic wants it. He puts the psychic inhibitor in Alex, who comes back to herself. Malefic, in the audience, makes a grab for the gun. Malefic has incepted the whole audience who attacks Kara, J’onn, and Alex. It turns out that Alex also has a bomb strapped to her. Kara goes to save the audience when James and Kelly arrive with the bomb counting down. James and Kara clear the room while Kelly looks for Malefic. J’onn phases Alex from the bomb vest while Kara contains the blast. He and Malefic dive for the Phantom Zone project, sending him back. Alex and J’onn have a talk about Malefic. He believed Alex when she was incepted because he thought those things of himself. Alex tells him that she knows who he is. Kara goes to thank Lena, inviting her along for drinks. She declines.

Goodbyes: Kelly and Alex are happily ready for a post-Malefic world. Nia assures Brainy that she isn’t going anywhere and they can work on them together. James announces that he’s going to Calvintown to help fight the corruption there. He’s going to buy the Calvintown Gazette and be the publisher for it. Everyone says their goodbyes to James. Nia gets news about the encrypted announced, which is in National City. Kara goes to William’s apartment, who is an undercover journalist investigating Andrea Rojas. He tells her the truth about investigating a huge criminal conspiracy and apologizes for his behavior toward her. James settles in at the Calvintown Gazette, telling Simon that he likes a challenge. Malefic is in his cell and Lena approaches him with a deal.

Bec Heim