Ramsey Rosso Goes Full On Mad Scientist In “There Will Be Blood” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Team Flash now knows about Barry’s impending death, so there’s no stopping that Crisis train. Granted, this is after an episode on Barry trying to prepare his team for his demise without telling them, starting with Frost’s anger issues. She and Barry are tracking down the weird blood zombie that Ramsey accidentally created. Barry ends up recruiting the doctor to help him with it. While Ramsey doesn’t get the dark matter he wanted, he does get the zombie’s blood which he can control. He then injects himself with it because Ramsey will never learn apparently.

Ralph and Cecile, meanwhile, help out his mom Deb, who is accused of robbing a pawnshop. They are able to get the evidence that’ll clear her, but Ralph learns that she’s been lying about her break-ups by telling Ralph her boyfriends died. Ralph tells her (and himself) that they need to move on from his dad and find their own happiness.

Cisco and Iris meet the newest Wells, Nash. Nash is an adventurer in the mold of Indiana Jones who is searching for something called Eternium. For some reason, Iris is setting off his detector.

Let’s see how it goes this week, shall we?

Scare: Ramsey arrives at a hospital where he says he’s meeting up with a “colleague”. After talking with the attending on call, he goes into what looks like a cold storage. Using his new powers, he steals so much blood. Team Flash talks Barry’s death and preparing for the Crisis, but Cisco wants to try to save Barry’s life. Barry doesn’t know how to convince Cisco not to save him, but is called away by work. Joe and Barry discuss whether or not the case is meta-related. Barry thinks that based on the evidence, it looks like just a Halloween prank. Ramsey continues his log mixing Romero’s blood with new blood in order to rebuild his cellular structure. He flashes back to his mother telling him about his illness. Barry calls Cisco for a meeting and says they are going to save a life: Ramsey Rosso.

Mission Impossible: Cisco doesn’t want work on the cure for Ramsey and focus on Barry. Barry, however, says that they need to just focus on saying one life. Cisco says it will take an act of God to save Ramsey’s life, which is when Nash arrives. He’s offering something that will help Ramsey in exchange for their help with Eternium. Iris brings Ralph a lead on Sue Dearbon, but Ralph doesn’t seem to enthused by it. Ramsey continues to embrace the cliché by experimenting on himself with an untested treatment. The black blood surrounds his arm as he says that it’s not working. Nash’s solution is a bio-regeneration serum that was stolen during the Dominator invasion a couple years ago. While Barry takes out the cameras, Cisco asks if they can serum can protect against anti-matter. Barry and Cisco are then caught while Nash leaves them in the dust.

Explanations: Nash doesn’t leave Barry and Cisco hanging. While they have the guards distracted, he knocks out the guards. No one notices the little alarm that is tracking them. Iris goes to see Ralph, who declares the whole Sue thing a lost cause. He tells her that she should just probably spend more time with Barry while he’s still with them. Nash, Cisco, and Barry get into the technology fault. While Cisco hacks it up, Barry and Nash go to check it out. Cisco nabs the serum, but tells Barry that it’s already gone. They then use like a smoke bomb teleporter to get out of there. Even if the serum wasn’t there, Nash still wants Cisco and Barry to build him a device to track Eternium. Ramsey has a breakdown over the cure not working and his mother’s acceptance of her own death. Cisco is finishing up on the whole crypto-circuit thing. Barry wonders about Nash’s intentions. Barry sees Cisco storing something at the exact temperature that the serum needs, but Cisco says it’s for Frost. Barry knows him better than that though and opens the freezer. Cisco tells Barry that he doesn’t care about his powers and will have to go through him to get it.

Tough Call: Cisco and Barry fight about his apparent death. Barry just wants them all to live, but Cisco is scared of living in the world without his best friend in it. He wanted Cisco to save one life in order to understand the sacrifices one needs to make as a leader. Barry’s pick to be the leader after he’s gone is Cisco, but Cisco stole and lied about stealing. With that in mind, Cisco gives Barry the serum to do with as he pleases. Barry goes to visit Ramsey in his lab with the bio-regeneration serum. He says that the world needs people like Ramsey to save it. Joe goes to visit Ralph for a chat. Ralph doesn’t know why he should and help Sue when he can’t even help Barry. Joe gives him a piece of advice from his old partner, “You can’t always save everyone, but you can always save someone.” The two of them share a quiet moment with Ralph commenting he will miss Barry. Cisco gives Nash the crypto-circuit. Frost and Cisco have a talk about Barry’s lessons where she tells him that Barry doesn’t want to be save. Ramsey mixes his blood with the cure, which didn’t work. He realizes that Romero’s blood was flooded with epinephrine at the time of his death, which acted as a bonding agent. He needs to kill and needs people to be afraid in order to create a cure.

Bloodwork Born: STAR Labs gets the alert about a madman attacking patients at the hospital. Most of it has been evacuated, but Frost and Barry arrive to feed Ramsey feeding on patients. Barry pulls Ramsey off the patients, who goes full zombie movie with his killed patients. He declares that with each person he turns, he grows stronger. Ramsey declares that the man he was was the disease and now he’s transcended it all for life eternal. He severs the artery of the doctor who worked with his mother, but he’s already infected before Barry can save him. The other blood zombies are trying to follow Ramsey, but they quickly turn to sludge once he’s out of range.

All Souls: Barry gathers Team Flash, feeling responsible over what happened with Ramsey. The rest of Team Flash say that it was his choice. Iris goes to talk with Ralph, who apologizes for how he acted with her earlier. He is going to follow her lead with Midway City. Cisco apologizes to Barry, saying they still tried to do the right thing. Barry heads out on the balcony to talk with Joe, sharing that he tried to save Ramsey before. Joe reassures Barry that he made his mark on the world as both Barry and the Flash. He doesn’t think that it’s fair that Barry’s gift for saving the world is to not have his own life. Joe believes Barry deserves better. Barry is grateful for everything, all his blessings in his life. He’s most grateful for having a father life Joe West in his life who showed him what it takes to be a good person. He’s one of the biggest reasons that he became the Flash. Joe tells Barry that he’s not ready for this before breaking down. The two hug.

Using the crypto-circuit in his gauntlet, Nash sees an image of the Monitor walk through a door. He heads to it with an ae saying “time to pay a house call”.

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