Marvel’s Helstrom Announces Main Cast And Character Breakdowns

Credit: Marvel Comics

While Ghost Rider is dead at Hulu, its other Marvel project is decidedly not.

Today, the cast and characters of Helstrom were announced by Marvel. The series follows Damion and Ana Helstrom, the children of a mysterious and strangely powerful serial killer. They both deal with their traumas of their upbringing in different ways.

Damion, who is described as a “professor of ethics moonlighting as an exorcist”, will be played by Tom Austen (The Borgias). Damion has made it his personal mission in life to “root out demons as they arise, and will not stop until they’re vanquished.”

His sister, Ana, seems to have taken a more traditional dual lives route. She runs an auction house by night and hunts down “those who hurt others” in her off hours. Syndey Lemmon (Fear The Walking Dead) will play Ana in the series. Ana seems to be more deeply affected by her father’s deeds; and is “driven to rid the world of those like him, even as she secretly worries her father will return.” Alain Uy (The Passage) will play Ana’s best friend and business partner Chris Yen.

Rounding out the family unit is the aptly named Elizabeth Marvel as Victoria Helstrom, who is Damion and Ana’s mother. She’s been institutionalized for two decades after being plagued by literal and psychological demons. June Carryl (Mindhunter) will play the head doctor, Hastings, who is monitoring Victoria.

Rounding out the cast is Robert Wisdom (Watchmen) as the mysterious Caretaker, who is a guardian of occult knowledge and helps Ana “keep demonic forces at bay”. Ariana Guerra (Insatiable) plays Gabriella Rosetti, a woman sent from the Vatican to help Damion and Hastings “uncover cases of demonic possession”.

Paul Zbyszewski will executive producer and serve as showrunner for the series. Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb also has a credit as well. He promises the ensemble is “the perfect way to bring our audience into our Adventure into Fear franchise causing delicious nightmares of what’s to come!”

Helstrom is slated to debut sometime in 2020.

Bec Heim