Marvel To Releases A Ton Of Podcasts For SiriusXM

Credit: Marvel

Marvel is getting some major skin in the podcast game in a team-up with SiriusXM and Pandora.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Marvel will be producing both scripted and unscripted content for both audio streamers. The news of the script podcasts follows the major success of Wolverine: The Long Night and Wolverine: The Lost Trail, which stars Richard Armitage (The Hobbit) as the title character.

On the docket for the Marvel-SiriusXM-Pandora deal are four scripted series with 10-episodes each. They will focus on Wolverine, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Star-Lord. No word on if the Wolverine one will continue the story told in The Long Night and The Lost Trail. There is also no clue for casting and creatives for the projects at this time.

The unscripted series are just as interesting: talks shows, interview shows, a look at the history of Marvel through a modern lens, and a series dedicated to Marvel franchises.

Both the scripted and unscripted offerings will hit the two streaming platforms in 2020.

Marvel and SiriusXM will be launching a special channel for the 80th anniversary of the company in the near future.

Also in the works with Stitcher, who Marvel partnered with for both Wolverine series, is a 10-episode series called Marvels, which is based on the comic of the same name for its 25th anniversary.

So if you’re a lover of podcasts and also love Marvel, then prepare yourself for a ton of content coming your way in the relatively near future.

Bec Heim