Looking For Alaska Stars On Why The Coming Of Age Story Is Timeless

Credit: Hulu

Looking For Alaska debuts on Hulu in about a week from now.

For many fans of John Green’s novels or this particular book, it’s been a long time in coming. The 2005 debut novel of Green was met with critical acclaim, but took almost two decades to hit any screen big or small.

Even with the setting still firmly in ’05 during the show, the cast of the series told Entertainment Weekly that the story itself is utterly timeless.

Charlie Plummer, who plays main character Miles “Pudge” Halter in the series, recalls reading the book for the first time as a teenager.

“I first read the book when I was 15 and it really came to me at a time in my life where I felt like I was asking so many of the same questions and wanting to go on such a similar journey that Miles ends up on going on. And all the questions he attempts to find answers to were all things that were on my mind at the time so it really felt like everything was colliding.”

Jay Lee, who plays one of Pudge’s BFF’s Takumi Hikohito, credited Green with showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage on hitting that right, realistic feel for the series.

“They’re dealing with coming-of-age stories that will always be relevant. We may be using payphones on our show but that’s just texturing to set the period. It puts an interesting lens on these stories that creates conversations for people to have with each other, like kids who are having to make choices about their social identities in a very concrete, immediate, and real way.”

Who really hit the nail on the head is Denny Love who plays Chip “Colonel” Martin, he focused on the true universal heart.

“I don’t think we’re supposed to go through those crazy years by yourself. If you find a tribe, it makes everything so much better.”

Looking for Alaska will debut on Hulu on Friday, Oct. 18.

Bec Heim