Kara And Lena Cross An “Event Horizon” On The Season Premiere Of Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

After a summer hiatus, we finally return to National City. When left off Kara and the Superfriends, they’ve exposed Lex Luthor and Ben Lockwood behind bars. James got the Harun-El removed from his bloodstream. Kelly and Alex along with Nia and Brainy took steps to romance.

More importantly, Lena learned the truth about Kara in probably the worst possible way while the Monitor freed J’onn’s evil brother from a prison dimension. We learned that Eve Tessmacher was working for something called Leviathan.

Needless to say, we got a lot to delve back into.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Runaway: Lena tracks Kara down after she saves a bus of kids. She reveals that she knows about Kara’s identity and punches her into the bus. It’s revealed it’s a virtual reality simulation. After it ends, she talks with Hope, an AI assistant that she built. Hope offers to help her kill Supergirl, but Lena says she just using the virtual reality to excise the negative emotions. Kara meets Alex, J’onn, and Kelly. Kelly got a job with Obsidian North, who makes the VR tech. Kara is upset about how people are hiding without fighting for social change. There’s a bit of a back and forth about the pros and cons of technology. After J’onn and Kelly leave, Alex encourages the scared Kara to tell Lena the truth. Nia and Brainy are still as awkwardly adorable as ever. James holds an editorial meeting, encouraging his staff to cover the election. Kara meets Andrea Rojas, the CEO of Obsidian North who has bought Catco from Lena. She’s also taking over as Editor-in-Chief. A teacher leads her class through a Superman/Supergirl exhibit, when one of the students makes a T-Rex grow. Kara goes to see Lena, who tells that Andrea is a good friend of hers and she needed the capital for an invention. Lena also subtly jabs at Kara by praising her virtues. Kara prepares to tell the Lena the truth, but she has to leave. Kara then fights a dinosaur. J’onn joins her but experiences as psychic attack. The dinosaur then turns into a pod and flies off.

Step: J’onn tries to figure out who could psychically paralyze him. More importantly, the anti-matter that powers the pod could turn into a bomb that will be felt across three solar systems. Also, more pressingly, Kara’s cape has been destroyed. Brainy plans to rectify it. Andrea shows Kelly around Obsidian North, which she took over from her father. It’s all sleek and white and high tech as you imagine. Lena comes to talk with Andrea about her telling about the acquisition earlier than planned. Andrea mentions that Lena promised her one of the biggest stories in the world that’ll draw every eyeball on Earth to Catco’s website. Lena promises that it will happen tomorrow night at 9pm. (She plans on hurting Kara by revealing her identity to the world?) The little girl finishes a device that opens a portal that a figure steps out of it.

Bigger: Andrea proposes a toast to staff, wanting to build her platform and revenue. Subscription is down. The measure of worth, according to Andrea, is all in the clicks. She wants to make the news her easy to digest and watercooler. They can’t walk because they’re all under a new three-year contract. She will exercise that pesky non-compete clause. So they’re stuck. Alex contacts Kara about finding Superman’s pod. It was a homemade Phantom Zone projector. It’s too late that they realize it’s a trap. Right on cue, Midnight appears declaring that she is the murderer of multitudes. Kara, rightfully, thinks that her mother locked her up. It was J’onn that did so. While Midnight is distracted with J’onn, Kara grabs the Phantom Zone projector and fires, but Midnight portals away.

Midnight: No one knows anything about Midnight, who is fueled by death. J’onn’s memory is spotty though due to the psychic damage, so he can’t remember how to defeat her. Kara is ready to duck out, asking J’onn to accept the Pulitzer. Alex nixes that idea. James goes to Kelly, who can’t go against her boss on her second day. Kelly tells her to take a step back and ask what he wants. Kara meets William Day, who is the ringer that Andrea brought in. He’s also an asshole. Andrea plans to have William rewrite her articles. Kara tells Andrea about what she wants from her profession, standing her ground. She promises to be shorter and more flexible, but she won’t abandon her principles. She later excitedly tells Alex about her standing up for herself. Brainy presents her with a microscopic applicator which he places on her glasses. When she whips them off, then her suit will materialize. Kara goes to see Lena. She finally tells her the truth, laying out her reasons. Lena doesn’t say anything and leaves.

Truth: Hope asks if Lena wants her to upload the file as Andrea waits for it. Lena talks about the truth and lies, saying that isn’t it easy or for the faint of heart. She compares the truth to climbing the mountain. When Kara heads up on stage, Lena tells her that she will always be her best friend. Midnight then attacks the ceremony, to come after J’onn. Kara and Lena are also adorably excited about her pants. Over “Supermassive Black Hole”, the gang fights Midnight. In order to stop the black hole someone has to go inside it. J’onn is kicked into the black hole after cuffing Midnight, who is sent to the Phantom Zone. Kara heads into the event horizon to go and save J’onn. She destroys it. Meanwhile, the little girl watches and she’s not happy.

Expert: James goes to Andrea and quits, after telling her he didn’t get photos of the villain. At the bar, Alex and Kelly have a cute moment over agreeing about the greatest movie villain of all time. Nia talks with Brainy about what he’s comfortable with in terms of intimacy. Brainy tells Nia that she’s the first person he’s ever loved. He’s still beating himself up over hurting her at Lex Luthor’s camp. Nia reassures Brainy that she knows him. The two of them share a kiss. J’onn returns to his office where he finally sees his brother again. He declares that he has no brother, but J’onn seems very confused. J’onn triesto attack him but knocks himself out. Kara goes to see Lena, who says that things cannot return to like it was before. She gives Lena her own Superwatch. Lena declares that she will never forgive Kara to Hope. Lena plans to use Kara to achieve her own ends. She then tells Hope to load the simulation.

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