J’onn Tries To Remember His Brother In “Stranger Beside Me” On This Week’s Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, Kara won a Pulitzer, but hasn’t told Lena about herself. Lena planned to use the ceremony to send evidence of Kara’s double life to her boarding school friend, Andrea Rojas, who bought Catco from Lena. Andrea and Kara disagree about her direction for the company. Andrea’s newest reporter William proves himself to be a company “yes” man. Kara, however, stands her ground and sets her terms. Kara eventually told Lena right before the Pulitzer ceremony. While it looked like Lena forgave her, she told her A.I. assistant Hope that she plans to use Kara to further her own plans.

A mysterious being, later revealed to be J’onn’s brother, frees Midnight, a killer that J’onn put away. Malefic reveals himself to J’onn at the end of the episode, but J’onn does not remember his brother. Kelly accepted a new job at Obsidian North and is happy in her relationship with Alex. James decides to leave Catco. Nia and Brainy experienced some adorable new relationship awkwardness.

Let’s see what goes down now, shall we?

Distracted: Kara saves a car after they move out of the way from a distracted woman texting and walking. Alex makes Kelly breakfast, except it has an ingredient that she is allergic too. As it turns out, they have a lot to learn about each other. But they like each other a lot. Brainy makes Nia breakfast burritos to her delight. Kara and James talk about some offers he has: run for Senator, media director for the Smithsonian. Kara is feeling better about telling Lena the truth and her apparent okayness with it. It drops when she sees J’onn who is still out of it. Once feeling better, J’onn tells them about the brother he never knew, but the agony he feels is an old Martian curse of brother attacking brother. Brainy knows of a thing to help from the future: Q waves, which is what Kelly is using. Nia calls Kara and tells her to get to work. Malefic goes to a White Martian, who calls him friend and offers help. Lena is figuring out how to make humans stop hurting each other. It turns out that Lena kidnapped Eve Tessmacher to use as a test subject.

Rules: Andrea wants to see how “low” Kara can go by assigning her to the fashion beat. (We also learn that William is married, thank God. Though he seems cagey when someone brings it up.) She wants it on her desk by lunch. Kelly and J’onn begin working together on helping him. Eve tries to tell Lena about Leviathan without telling her about Leviathan because they will kill her and Lena. Lena is not believing it and tells Eve to tell her the truth for once. Kara lets Alex know that she is stuck at work. Nia is surrounded by bento boxes via Brainy, who is trying bless him. Kara reaps the benefits. Brainy and Alex talk about their relationships. Alex is overthinking the whole blueberry thing (because Kelly should have told Alex). Brainy tells her that the heart is not logical. The pain has gotten worse for J’onn, but Kelly sees some broken memories in his scan. Kelly tells James to make sure nothing interrupts them as she will join J’onn in his memories. His memories are broken during the Martian Civil War. J’onn opens a door to reveal that someone wiped his mind. Brainy has located Malefic. William steps out to take a call, seeing Kara look at the pictures he was looking at with Andrea and someone named Nigel. He calls in a favor to someone at the NSA to track her.

Wiped: Kara meets up with Brainy and Alex. J’onn is confused as to why a fellow Martian would wipe his memory. He’s a little nervous, but James offers some encouragement that helps. Brainy is getting a weird interference with the signal while they look for J’onn’s brother. They find the White Martian, which surprises William who went looking for Kara. Kara saves him as Supergirl and tells him to go. J’onn recovers his memories. Malefic poisoned the Green Martians, betraying his kind, and J’onn brought him in. Malefic tells him that he is “still in the dark”. The pain is gone for both of them. Malefic saves the White Martian and the pair disappear.

Energy: Brainy promises to work and look for the different Martian energies. Alex drives off, but is followed by someone else in a motorcycle helmet. Andrea sends Kara to do copyediting work as punishment for not turning in her article on time. Kara confronts William and dumps her copyediting work on him. Eve tells Lena that she wanted to do all the bad things she did. Andrea threatens Lena over stealing her tech and cuts her off from the VR. Eve tells Lena she can trust her and apparently Lena’s implementation of “do no harm” worked. Brainy sent Nia a bunch of pizzas, but Nia doesn’t just want the food. She wants Brainy. Kara offers J’onn tea and comfort over his memories being erased. Kara confides in J’onn that she doesn’t know how much longer she can last. J’onn offers the best Martian dad advice. She just has to be the best her. Malefic arrives and transforms into Kelly. Alex is unaware.

Bonds: Alex catches on right away that Kelly is a fake and presses her Supergirl watch. Malefic attacks. Kara arrives to attack Malefic and figure out what happened to her sister. Malefic isn’t telling and the two begin to fight it out in the street. J’onn arrives to help while Kara goes after Malefic as James and Kelly show up. Kelly goes upstairs to find the real Alex, who is relieved that it is really Kelly after getting jumpy. Malefic and Kara continue to fight while Kelly and Alex head to the roof. Malefic changes into Kelly, but Alex knows her sister, Malefic pushes Kelly off the roof and Kara saves her. Everyone gathers in Alex’s apartment, but J’onn wants to go deeper into figuring out his brother. Malefic watches the strategy as a fly. Kara tells William that he won’t get to her anymore and goes to work. Kelly gives Alex a list of her allergies. Alex and Kelly talk about their feelings and their relationship, which is very sweet and romantic. Nia returns to her apartment to find candlelight and Brainy waiting for her with a promise to make each day the “best day ever”. Lena frees Eve and tells her what she’s been doing to her. She introduces Eve to Hope. She sets Hope to implement the “do no harm” command. We see everyone settle in for the night: couples together, J’onn meditates, Kara talks with Andrea, James tries to figure out his next plan, and William goes to a soup kitchen. Malefic comes up with a plan to reset J’onn’s brain. Eve is more as Hope has taken over her body.


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