First Trailer For Robert Downey Jr’s Dolittle Shows Him Heading Out In The (Wild) World

Credit: Universal Pictures

Robert Downey Jr seems to have a bevy of projects following his exit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On Sunday, the first trailer for his next big project Dolittle was released. With it, we get to see a lot of animals, a bit of Downey with an (Irish?) accent, and a promise of one insane adventure.

After all if you can walk with the animals and talk with the animals, then the whole world is full of friends to make and talk with.

In the trailer, Dolittle has become a hermit following the death of his wife and has sequestered himself to his manor with his animals for company. With Queen Victoria (Jessie Buckley) fallen ill, the famed doctor and veterinarian must head to a mythical island for a cure. Along the way, the adventure breathes new life into him and maybe gives some of his animal friends what they need as well.

Michael Sheen and Antonio Banderas also star with Tom Holland, Octavia Spencer, Rami Malek, and John Cena amongst those who lend their voices to Dolittle menagerie.


The character of Dr. Dolittle has had an interesting history. There was the original children’s book which was written by Hugh Lofting in the 20s. There was a musical movie based on the character, which is considered to be on the worst films ever made and was one of the “deaths of musical film”. There was also the film in 1998 which starred Eddie Murphy as the character.

Dolittle will be released on Jan. 17, 2020.

Bec Heim