Crisis On Infinite Earths Unveils First Look At The Anti-Monitor

Credit: DC Comics

Crisis On Infinite Earths is coming at us like a freight train. It shows no sign of stopping, just look at what happened on The Flash and Arrow

Last night, on both shows, we learned and saw Anti-Matter in action. As any comics nerd knows with Anti-Matter comes the Anti-Monitor. The character will also be played by LaMonica Garrett (who plays The Monitor).

Entertainment Weekly dropped the first look at the Big Bad of the biggest crossover event in Arrowverse history. Oh boy, he looks a little creepy. Kind of mummified.

Credit: The CW via EW

Now, in the comics (namely Marv Wolfman and George Pérez’s landmark crossover), the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor represent positive matter and anti-matter universes in the multiverse. When Pariah (played by Tom Cavanagh in the crossover) experimented on the multiverse, it woke these two cosmic beings up and sent them to war. The Anti-Matter wants to destroy all life in the multiverse, thus defeating his counterpart.

We don’t know how closely the crossover will follow the comics and just what the repercussions are, but there will be some and Garrett looks creepy af as the Anti-Monitor.

In addition to our first look at the Anti-Monitor, there was a very interesting bit of casting for Crisis.

According to IGN, Stephen Lobo (Continuum) has been cast as Jim Corrigan in the upcoming event. Corrigan, in comics, is a police detective who serves as the host for The Spectre, The Spirit of Vengenance, after he died. Corrigan was previously played in live-action in the short-lived Constantine series by Emmet Scanlan.

It’s unknown if Corrigan will be as himself or as the Spectre in the crossover. (Or it could be a fakeout because there’s a theory going around that Oliver will become The Spectre and we think that’s super cool.)

Crisis on Infinite Earths begins on Sunday, Dec. 8 at 8/7c with Supergirl.

Bec Heim