Cowboy Bebop Announces Start Of Production In The Most Adorable Way Possible

Credit: Netflix

The live-action version of Cowboy Bebop is in production everyone. This is not a drill.

It was announced in November 2018 that one of the most well-known and defining anime of all time was getting a live-action adaptation on Netflix. A couple months ago, in April 2019, the majority of the cast of the project were announced.

Today, Netflix dropped a video to announce the official start of production for the series. They did it in the most adorable way possible. They did a perspective shot of the live-action dog that will play Ein (a super genius canine). Let me tell you guys, he is such a good boy!

Also the casts’ reactions are entirely correct. (Someone better let Queer Eye‘s Antoni know that there’s a corgi in the building.)

Check out the video below.


John Cho (Star Trek) stars as bounty hunter Spike Spiegel with Mustafa Shakir (Luke Cage) as Spike’s partner-in-crime, Jet Black. Daniella Pineda (The Detour) will play amnesiac and mysterious Faye Valentine. Alex Hassell rounds out the shown cast as Spike’s former partner-in-crime (literally) Vicious. Not pictured is Elena Satine, who plays Spike’s love interest Julia. Not announced for the cast is whoever is playing Ed, a genius teenager that joins the crew and becomes Ein’s preferred person.

Cowboy Bebop does not have a premiere date, though we’re guessing maybe it’ll drop in 2020?

Bec Heim