Can Barry Fight Fate In “A Flash In The Lightning” On This Week’s Episode Of The Flash?

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, Barry and Iris had to deal with the grief they had over their Nora (after not grieving). After talking to each other, the couple decided that they can move forward and handle it together. Killer Frost wanted to have her own life rather than just coming out whenever Caitlin needed her. With encouragement from Ralph, she talked with Caitlin, who agreed to let her out more to have a life.

Also Caitlin caught up with a friend, Ramsey Russo, who wanted to use dark matter to cure cancer after losing his mother to it, she said no on giving him a sample. He found one and did the whole mad scientist experimenting on himself, which went about as well as you could expect.

Team Flash had to stop a black hole from destroy Central City. It was created by and then connected to the mind of Chester P. Runk, a former scientist turned livestreamer. They were able to unite Chester’s mind with his body and stop the black hole, although he’ll be hanging out in STAR Labs for a while as he needs to stabilize more. Then the Monitor let Barry know that he was destined to die on Dec. 10, 2019.

Countdown’s on for Crisis time, folks. Let’s see what happens next.

Tick, Tick: Barry talks to someone about the future paper in the time fault and how it is a sword hanging over his head to Iris. Iris, however, refuses to accept that her husband “must” die. She thinks that article can change again. Barry wants to go get a second opinion by seeing the Crisis for himself. Ramsey meets with some random guy in order to acquire more dark matter weapons. The random guy pulls a gun on him and Ramsey sucks the blood out of his body. Ralph and Cisco cloak Killer Frost with disguise nanites for her voice and eyes (courtesy of Ray!) to an art gallery that Kamilla curates. Killer Frost is not feeling the vibe of the gallery while Ralph explains to her how art to connects to how we feel. She ends up insulting Kamilla’s work, who does not like KF at all if that’s how she’s gonna act. Cecile and Joe talk about a meta car highjacker named Allegra Garcia. Her lawyer offers a deal, but Cecile gets some strange readings from her emotions. Cecile asks for more time for discovery based on the reading she got from Allegra. Barry is going to go to Dec. 11, 2019 in order to see just what is going on with this Crisis. Iris doesn’t like it and wants to tell Team Flash, but Barry has a mobile Gideon to help him and doesn’t want to scare the team until he knows. Barry has a rough landing in the future and looks like he’s…bleeding lightning?

Anti-Matter: The cut on Barry’s leg is anti-matter and it’s been clogging up the Speed Force. Barry instead goes to Earth-3 to talk with Jay Garrick, who thinks Barry is right to go check out the future. He’s been seeing weird blips of anti-matter for the past year. Jay says Barry’s body can’t go past the wall, but his mind can. Jay has a machine to help with that and a wife for Barry to meet, Joan. Joan looks like his mother. Cecile gives Iris and Kamilla the rundown about Allegra, who was placed in the meta wing of Iron Heights at 15. Cecile’s powers are telling her Allegra is innocent. Ralph, looking at the crime scene photos, realizes that the victim has been burned and radio waves, Allegra’s meta ability, don’t do that. Ralph and Iris go to interview the witness, who has been burned with Allegra standing over his body. She then somehow burns Ralph when Joe arrives to catch her. Joan realizes that she’s reminding Barry of someone from his Earth, but he doesn’t tell her that it’s his mother. Barry goes into the machine and sees everyone and everything being wiped from existence. Barry’s found billions of new timelines and experiencing every single one of them. Joan and Jay get him out of there and Barry passes out.

Meteor: Joan reads Barry poetry as he recovers from his experience. The device overloaded a neural shut down and now he’s experiencing a neural entropy. He’s experiencing a lot of pain but will feel better soon. Jay asks what he saw: billions of futures, billions of death, pain and suffering, and then they were gone. The Monitor was right. Barry has to die to save them. He has to see his wife. It turns out Allegra can do a concentrated blast of UV radiation. Allegra controls all different wavelengths so she could have killed the witness and committed murder. Joe interrogates her, but Allegra insists on her innocence. Cecile’s powers are telling her that Allegra is innocent and knows who did it. Joe and Cecile have a fight about Allegra and going outside the bonds of Cecile’s job. Joan and Jay bring Barry back to Iris, who tells Joan that he looks like Barry’s mother. Joan and Jay leave Barry and Iris in order to scan the Earth for anti-matter. Iris wants to find away, but Barry accepts his fate. The only timeline where they all survive is when Barry dies. Iris doesn’t want to give up while Barry wants to accept things and make his preparations.

Recovery: Joe comes to see Iris while Barry convalesces. Barry offers to take a look for him, asking how Barry got hurt. Joe promises that he’s here and will always be here. Barry breaks down and tells Joe about what’s coming and the sacrifice he has to make. It feels like he’s giving up. Joe tells Barry about an incident on beat cop that made him scared to get back out there. They never make the choice to die, but his badge and heroes symbols are signs of the duty they are charged with, to make that sacrifice. It’s not giving up, it’s resolve. Cisco catches Killer Frost listening to music and practicing drawing rather than paying attention to gesture. He realizes she’s just trying to express herself. Cisco tells her that if she wants to express herself through art, then she has to accept other people are doing that too. Killer Frost feels guilt for her earlier actions. Cecile tells Allegra about being a metahuman in order to earn her trust. Allegra wasn’t alone the night the particle accelerator exploded and her cousin Esperanza was there. Esperanza died that night, but Cecile thinks it was her. Ralph finds Esperanza’s file. She was placed into custody of a government agency with a shady redacted file to her name. As Iris tells Cecile this, the power cuts and Esperanza shows up to CCPD demanding Allegra.

Ultraviolet: Esperanza fights her way through CCPD, looking for her cousin. Cecile and Allegra try to escape. Joe arrives to distract her and Barry gets a call from Iris and Ralph. Iris was going to send Ralph but there is no time and Barry heads out, resolved. Allegra tries to reach out to her cousin, but Esperanza is dead and there is only Ultraviolet. Barry saves Cecile and Allegra, taking them to Joe’s office. Barry arrives to fight Ultraviolet, who hits him and tells him to stand. Barry thinks about Joe’s words from earlier and refuses to retreat. He runs through the radiation to get to her, knocking her out with a punch before passing out.

Art: There is a secret organization that wants to exploit metas and that’s on the to do list for Team Flash. Barry is fine and so is Allegra. Killer Frost also decorated the recovery room with art from the artists that she insulted. Cisco puts up the framed attempt of her doing so. Cecile and Joe talk about a career path she wants to take: defense attorney for metas. He thinks its incredible. Allegra arrives to work with Iris and Kamilla as an intern. Jay and Joan head back to their Earth to track down the anti-matter. Barry apologizes for earlier and so does Iris. Seeing him at CCPD, it reminded that he will never give up. They decide to make their next move count, which is preparing the team for Crisis and what comes after. Ramsey does an autopsy on the guy he killed with his meta powers. The victim’s blood is full of an unidentifiable substance. Then random gun dealer rises up like it’s a freaking zombie movie and attacks Ramsey.

Bec Heim