Batwoman’s Rachel Skarsten Breaks Down That Identity Reveal

Credit: The CW

Batwoman finally had its series premiere. With it, there came a twist that newcomers to the character were not expecting.


At the end of the pilot, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) learned that the villainous Alice (Rachel Skarsten) was actually her long, believed to be dead sister, Beth. We learned that when Kate was young her mother and sister died in a car accident, which haunted the remaining Kane (and Wayne) family members. While Bruce could never figure out what went wrong that day, no one realized that Beth had survived, resurfacing to wreck her father’s (Dougray Scott) security force.

This reveal is actually straight from the comics. While Alice/Beth would later become a hero, it definitely took awhile.

Talking with Variety, Skarsten talks about the deeper layers to Alice’s character, but stresses that she “does know right from wrong”.

“Most people don’t just wake up and they’re evil villains; there were hurts and there was brokenness, and that’s how they got to their place. And that to me is the most interesting story. My mom, still to this day, says, ‘Oh well, you play the redeemable bitch.’ But I really love playing those characters because it’s so fun to be bad, but to have the redeemable quality behind it and the possibility of retribution and change, what more could I ask for?”

She also promised that Alice has many sides to her as a character. The mysterious path that made Alice “broken” affects her more than she wants to admit.

“She oscillates back and forth between, I think, two really distinct personas and personalities and they change so quickly, I’ve sort of approached it that she’s quite calculated in all that she does. But I do think that in moments of vulnerability, there’s the child Alice that comes out, and I don’t necessarily know that she knows what is going on in those moments.”

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see about these family issues coming to life.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

Bec Heim