Barry’s A “Dead Man Running” As He Struggles To Tell The Others About His Crisis Fate On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, Barry attempted to go to the future to see if the Monitor’s prophecy about his death was true. He was stopped, however, by a wall of Anti-Matter. Seeking help, he went to Jay Garrick and met Jay’s wife Joan (who looks like Barry’s mom), who are tracking the anti-matter in the multiverse. They were able to use a device that Jay and Joan invented and Barry lived billions of outcomes. The only ones were everything was okay was when he sacrificed himself. He and Iris dealt with it differently, but a pep talk from Joe help Barry recontextualize his impending sacrifice. Now they need to tell the team.

Cecile took a major career path after meeting Allegra, a former underage offender accused of murder. Trusting her powers, Cecile sought to prove Allegra’s innocence and learned of a government organization using metas powers for shady purposes. Allegra’s name was clear (and now she’s with Iris at the Citizen) while Cecile decides to become an attorney for meta-humans. Killer Frost took this awkward first steps into becoming a person by feeling guilt and making art. Ramsey Rosso uses his powers on a shady gun dealer and turns the dude into a zombie. So there’s that.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Inventory: With the gun dealer, Mitch, missing/dead, there is a power struggle within his crew. There’s also a break-in at the warehouse, which goes full on horror movie on us. It turns out to be the zombie Mitch, who needs to consume dark matter. Barry gives Team Flash the rundown about what the Monitor said (except that on his death) and what Barry did with Jay Garrick. They get a call in from Joe but Iris wants clearer heads. Barry wants to make sure the team will be okay without him before he tells them about his death. Joe calls Ralph in because his mother has been arrested. While the shop owner ID’d her, she says she was at a gambling den. Barry takes Killer Frost to work with him, which doesn’t go great. Barry realizes that the guns are the dark matter weapons. Killer Frost suspects that Ramsey killed the smugglers for the guns and puts an ice knife to his throat.

Evidentiary Value: Barry arrives to stop Frost from doing something she would regret later. They question Ramsey, who lies about a break-in, where he got the dark matter, and offers his help as a blood specialist. Frost doesn’t trust Ramsey, but Barry wants all the help he can get. Allegra wants to really get into some serious stories, such as Harrison Wells being alive. Iris recognizes that it’s probably an alt-Earth Wells and sends Allegra to do reporting more suited for her level. Cecile and Ralph are able to confirm his mother’s alibi, but the guy who knows the place wants five grand. Ralph and his mom have a probably less than legal plan to get it. Ramsey wants to talk with Caitlin, but Frost is hostile to the guy (rightly so, her instincts are spot on). Mitch hits Mercury labs to get his dark matter fix. Barry and Frost arrive to try to stop him. Frost blasts Mitch out of the window into traffic below, which shocks Barry.

Rage: Barry and Frost fight about her conduct during their encounter with Mitch. Barry says he only has a limited time to teach her how to control her emotions, but Frost thinks he’s a crappy teacher. With Cecile and his mom playing the table, Ralph uses his powers to get the footage to clear his mom. Ramsey gives Barry the results about Mitch’s blood, who is using dark matter to gain strength. He offers his help to study his blood and how it reacts to dark matter. Cisco and Iris are able to down the latest Harrison Wells, who thinks they’re after his gems. One of his devices goes off around Iris, saying something about how she has it before Iris tazes him. The footage that Ralph and Cecile got is able to confirm his mother’s whereabouts. Ralph learns about his mother’s lies regarding her old boyfriends and how she kept telling him they died. He doesn’t want to hear it. Ramsey works on a way to weaken Mitch and sends Barry out of the room, allowing him to steal dark matter. Barry isn’t surprised that he was stealing. He asks Ramsey to put them back. In the confrontation, Ramsey reveals his cancer diagnosis and waiting to die every day. He is able to figure out that Barry has a ticking clock over his head as well. Barry calls Ramsey on him “wanting to save lives” by helping him stop Mitch. He puts back the dark matter vials. Ramsey asks where Barry gets his strength to face death and Barry answers the people he loves. Awkward moment when Ramsey comments on how hard it must be to tell them.

Veritas: Barry runs out his emotions and angst over not telling his friends in the Speed Room. Cisco and Iris took the newest Wells also known as Nash. Nash is looking for an artifact made of multiversal element known as Eternium. Cisco, however, lays out the path for how the interactions with a long-term Wells usually goes. Nash then throws a smoke bomb to get away from Cisco and Iris. Allegra, as it turns out, was watching the entire time outside. She calls Iris a liar, threatening to walk if she’s not honest. Iris tells Allegra that she can’t tell her anything now, but Allegra pushes it. Iris won’t tell her. Frost works out some of her anger issues on a training dummy. Barry challenges her to fight angry on him, but dodges her every attack and challenges her. Frost doesn’t want to die before she starts living and learning her favorite things. Barry tells her the truth, we all live on borrowed time. He tells her that threat of losing tomorrow shouldn’t make her too upset to make the most of today. She wants to help with Mitch. Ramsey continues his studies on Mitch’s blood, when a noise catches his attention. Mitch is in STAR Labs and it goes even more horror movie. He’s surprised by Mitch who strangles him.

Zombie: Mitch continues to strangle Ramsey, who apparently can control him. It’s a very weird mirror double act as Ramsey figures out more of his powers. Barry walks in to see it and distracts Romero with dark matter to lead him away from Ramsey. He leads Romero to the Pipeline where he traps him in a cell. Romero breaks free of the cell, getting more dark matter. Frost freezes is feet to the ground and she realizes that dark matter feeds his rage. She realizes that if they give him all the dark matter in STAR Labs, then he’ll overdose. It’s less of overdose and more like an explosion, but it works.

Pain: Frost gives Ramsey a clear bill of health. Barry thanks him for his help and offers to talk if he needs it. Ramsey brushes him off. Ralph’s mom comes to visit him at his office and shares why she lied to him about her exes. She didn’t want to put Ralph through the pain he felt when his dad left them. Ralph realizes that she, like him, gets scared. He gives her an addendum for the Book of Ralph for her to move on. He wants her to find the joy that love can bring again. She wants him to have that joy and love, but doesn’t think it’s for her. Just like that, everything is made up and he sneaks the addendum into her purse. Ramsey plans to use Mitch’s blood to eliminate HLH and his need for dark matter entirely. Ramsey, again, is going to test on himself by commanding the blood into his body. At STAR Labs, there is a birthday for Frost, courtesy of Barry. It’s cute to see them have fun. Barry takes a moment outside when Frost joins him, revealing she figured out that Barry is going to die during the Crisis. He confesses that he doesn’t know how to tell the others. Iris says that they need to tell them together, calling Ralph and Cisco out. They tell them all that Barry has to die in Crisis.  Nash continues his search for Eternium, which leads him to a sewer.


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