Barry Heads “Into The Void” On The Flash’s Season Premiere

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

It’s a new season, a new showrunner, and one old familiar ticking clock. While the gang changed the timeline in a way that freed Thawne at the end of last season, the price was the existence of Nora. Rather than give herself to the Negative Speed Force to exist, Nora seemed to make some sort of peace and told her parents how much she loved them. The gang returned to the future where Cisco took the metacure because he felt that was best for him. Sherloque Wells went back to his home dimension (and his lady love). Joe was made Captain at the CCPD. Honestly? Despite the heartbreaking tragedy of losing Nora, the show ended on a bittersweet note.

That is, of course, until we learned of the other major change to the timeline. The paper to the future with the headline “FLASH VANISHES IN CRISIS” has a very different date on it. Instead of 2024, the events have been moved up to 2019.

Oh boy.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?

Surge: Barry and Iris get a notice of a surge in the Time Vault, which is playing Nora’s message over and over again. The console explodes, destroying the message. Four months later, Kamilla is with Cisco as Barry chases Godspeed throughout the city. The Godspeed that Barry unmasks isn’t from the future and he lets out a shriek. Cisco reveals that it’s the fourth Godspeed they caught the summer and none are from the future. At the West home, Joe and Iris are manning the grill for a Team Flash party. (Ralph is off on a missing persons case.) Barry asks Cisco about the M.A.C. (Mental Augmentation Chamber), which will allow him to see every possible future. Joe checks in with Barry and Iris, who are still mourning Nora. Barry has to handle a break-in and Iris asks about some boxes that Joe gave away. Caitlin leaves to go to attend a funeral for a mother of her friend, Ramsey Rosso. Killer Frost flares up a bit when she talks with Ramsey and offers condolences. She agrees to come by and see Ramsey at a better time when he asks. Iris heads to the dump to find the boxes Joe threw out, which contained Iris’ old jacket that Nora wore as XS. Then, for some reason, a black hole opens up. In it goes the suitcase with the jacket.

Gamma: Cisco and Barry comb over everything at the landfill while Iris tells her husband what happened. At STAR Labs, Cisco and Caitlin confirm that it is a black hole. Figuring it out? That’s not going to be easy. Ralph also returns, after spending the summer hunting a missing girl all over the place. Caitlin has another “frost out” and her friends encourage her to go see her friend. Iris and Cecile help Joe get his new office in order. Iris seems unsettled, however, from seeing Nora’s picture. Cecile picks up on it, but doesn’t push too much. Ramsey and Caitlin talk about his late mother. Ramsey thinks his mother ran away from the cancer rather than go down fighting. He shows her what he’s been working on: a potential cure for the disease using dark matter. Ramsey wants to use Caitlin to get dark matter to begin human trials. Caitlin refuses, saying she won’t turn more people in metas against their will. (Why can’t it be a choice like with the cure?) Another black hole opens up after Ramsey leaves. Killer Frost doesn’t come out, but Barry arrives in time to save Caitlin.

Event Horizon: Caitlin is a little shaken over her near-death experience. Cisco says that the hole is growing, next time it may cover the whole city. Iris has done some digging and finds a fired scientist with a livestream named Chester. He built something that is supposed to contact aliens, but opens a mini black hole instead. Chester touches it. Ralph talks with Caitlin over why Killer Frost won’t come out. He suggests that it may be a fear of death, but offers support. Ramsey gets a gun from a shady guy at his mother’s grave. Good life decisions. Iris and Cecile go to visit Chester at the hospital, who has been catatonic since he was brought in. Cecile gently confronts Iris over Nora, who breaks down over missing her daughter and mourning over never getting to know THAT Nora. Cecile tells Iris that she can grieve. Iris realizes that Chester is speaking in Morse code. Cisco builds something that will implode a black hole, but Iris stops them saying that they’ll kill Chester if they use the device.

Flare: It turns out that Chester is the Black Hole, according to Caitlin. It turns out that the black hole is Chester’s consciousness, appearing at places that mean something to Chester. Barry wants to figure out a way to save Chester, not wanting to let him die. When Cisco pushes it, Barry explodes that he’s not losing anyone else. Ralph sends a text to Caitlin in order to talk with Frost. She’s not afraid of dying, according to Ralph, but living. He thinks she wants to live, but Frost denies it. It’s not her lot in life. Ralph thinks she should ask Caitlin. Iris and Barry have a talk about Nora and how much they miss her, how they mourn her. They only they can get through their grief is if they carry their burden together. The alarm bells go off as another black hole opens up and it’s big.

Magnetize: Team Flash comes up with an on the fly plan in order to save Chester and the city at the same time. Joe arrives on scene to help with the evacuations and save those who need it. When someone is almost sucked in, Ralph saves them with Killer Frost following behind. As for Chester’s body? Cecile moved Chester into the M.A.C., which will house Chester’s consciousness. With Queen’s “Flash” playing on, Barry freaking Allen runs into a black hole to save the world. Barry comes out seconds later, running Chester’s consciousness back to STAR Labs. The black hole implodes, city saved, and Chester wakes up with some interesting eyes and confused as to where he is.

Stabilize: Chester needs to stay in the M.A.C. for a couple of months to restablize, so it looks like he’s staying around (hell yeah!). Cisco needs to go meet Kamilla. Caitlin and Killer Frost have a conversation and Caitlin agrees to let Killer Frost to have a life. They’re part of each other. Ralph comes in with the Book of Ralph Vol. 2. It turns out that the gun Ramsey got was one of the dark matter powered ones. He, in the vein of mad scientists everywhere, decides to experiment on himself. It seems to work, but then those pesky consequences of science happen. Barry and Iris return to the Time Room. He reveals that he saved the jacket from the Black Hole, making a little shrine for her. Then The Monitor appears, who destroyed Nora’s message to destroy their hope. He tells them that the timeline has changed. In 2019, Barry will make the ultimate sacrifice to save the multiverse and time cannot be changed.

Bec Heim