Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Revival Drops First Episode Online

Credit: Nickelodeon

It’s the spookiest season of the year, everyone. What a time it is.

More importantly, for those of us that love our nostalgia, it’s time to visit those things from childhood that sent a shiver down our spine. Case in point is Are You Afraid Of The Dark? 

The Nickelodeon series was, essentially, an anthology. A group of kids known as The Midnight Society will gather ’round the fire and tell each other scary stories. Some of them definitely stayed with us even to this day. It was a staple if you were a kid that liked being scared.

Much like most things from our 90s childhoods, Are You Afraid Of The Dark? was revived for a limited series at Nickelodeon. Told in three hourlong episodes, the latest incarnation of The Midnight Society gathers for the tale of the Carnival of Doom with the wicked ringmaster Mr. Tophat.

Of course, things get a bit stick when the story comes to life.

The latest Midnight Society, Gavin (Sam Ashe Arnold), Akiko (Miya Cech), Louise (Tamara Smart), Graham (Jeremy Taylor), and Rachel (Lyliana Wray), has to use their wits and their love of horror to survive.

The story comes from BenDavid Grabinski, who used to watch the original show growing up.

“It’s going to be a fun and scary ride, and I’m honored to introduce the Midnight Society to a whole new generation of kids,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Ahead of its premiere on Friday, Oct. 11, the show dropped the first episode to view online. Check it out below.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? premieres its first episode on Friday, Oct. 11 at 7/6c with the subsequent parts airing on Oct. 18 and Oct. 25.

Bec Heim