Willa Holland Set To Return For Arrow’s Final Season

Arrow is set to make quite the impression during its last season as it continues to add more alums for its final ten episodes. The latest news should make many fans happy as many have longed for this particular fan favorite’s return to the fold.

It was confirmed this week that Willa Holland, aka Thea Queen aka Speedy, is set to come back to Arrow. The actress is not coming back as a guest star though; it has been revealed that Holland will be on a recurring status for the final season.

Holland was a part of the original cast, starting in season one. The actress then started scaling back on her appearances on the hit series, starting with season 5. She ultimately parted ways with the show in season 6, where her storyline took Thea, along with longtime love Roy Harper in tow, out of Star City as the pair went off together to go shut down some recently unearthed Lazarus Pits.

Thea did make an appearance somewhat in Season 7, as a talking head within a documentary that was being filmed about Oliver Queen’s rise from wealthy playboy to city-saving vigilante. As for Roy, he did ultimately return without her, sharing that they had a falling out because she brought him back from the dead by utilizing a Lazarus Pit.

It truly would have been a big fail on the show if they hadn’t gotten Holland to come back for the last season. Thea played such a big role, especially in Oliver’s life, as they both grew and learned from their mistakes together. Here’s hoping that Thea and Roy make up at least as friends if not as a couple.

Arrow returns for its eighth and final season on Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 9/8c on the CW.

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