Time To Go To Cat School: Cats Releases New Behind-The-Scenes Video

Credit: Universal Pictures

We’re all in a state of fascinated horror by Cats. Or, well, some of us are in that state.

There’s just something about the CGI that levels up the uncanny valley, but you just can’t look away. Added into a dissonance from some genuinely good choreography and Jennifer Hudson’s powerful vocals, it leaves some confused on how to feel about the live-action film.

(Why didn’t we do that animated version that was in development?)

While we puzzle whether or not we will pay actual money to go see Cats, we have a brand new behind-the-scenes video. Apparently, the cast for the film had to go to “cat school”.

The video showed cat obsessed Taylor Swift (Bombalurina), James Corden (Bustopher Jones), and Idris Elba (Macavity) as they talk about the process. The footage shows everyone rehearsing their choreography and the shoot which happened from late 2018 to spring 2019.

On the process, Corden said, “You’re going to take a load of people and they’re going to pretend to be cats. If you just say it out loud, it sounds bonkers. But that’s where the most fun happens, really.”

To be fair, it looks like the cast is enjoying themselves. While the rest of us prepare for what is to come from the film, check out the footage below.

Cats will be released on Dec. 20th.

Bec Heim