Taika Waititi Lampoons Nazi Allegiance In New Trailer For Jojo Rabbit

Credit: Fox Searchlight

Taika Waititi likes to challenge people with his material. The man did put in themes about colonialism in Thor: Ragnarok. He likes his audiences to be entertained, but also think whether it be a blockbuster or his indie work.

His latest project the “anti-hate satire” known as Jojo Rabbit takes an almost Mel Brooks like glee in lampooning Nazism, fascism, and Hitler, especially. No one will convince me that Waititi didn’t watch The Producers  “Springtime for Hitler” parts in order to prepare for the role. And that was his only preparation.

In the latest trailer for Jojo Rabbit, we see more of Waititi’s wholly ridiculous Hitler while taking a stand against nationalism. Waititi’s Hitler is an imaginary friend to a young boy (Roman Griffin Davis) idolizes the Nazis and wants to be an SS officer one day. When he learns that his mother (Scarlett Johansson) hides a Jewish girl (Thomasin McKenzie) in their attic, he must confront his own views and politics.

It’s clear even from the trailer that, like most of Waititi’s other work, this is a film meant to challenge and entertain. It is an entertaining trailer from the use of German language versions of classic pop songs to the almost Wes Anderson like style of filming mixed with Waititi’s ridiculous sense of humor.

But moments, such as McKenzie’s character telling Jojo that he is just as a kid who wants to feel part of something, are rather striking. It’ll be interesting to see the film when it hits theatres.

Jojo Rabbit premieres Oct. 18th.


Bec Heim