John Malkovich Joins Steve Carell In Netflix Comedy Space Force

Credit: Netflix

John Malkovich has made a few small-screen appearances recently. This includes revealing a surprising (though not exactly canon) new side to Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot in the BBC’s gripping The ABC Murders last Christmas (February on Amazon in the US). However, Malkovich is far better known as a respected movie actor in such very different roles as the unprincipled Vicomte Sebastien De Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons, and as… well, himself, (sometimes several of himself…) in Spike Jonez’s brilliant offbeat fantasy comic drama Being John Malkovich.

So when news is announced that he is going to play alongside Steve Carell in Netflix’s new comedy Space Force, you can guarantee it will be worth a look.

Space Force is a workplace comedy – something Steve Carell has some experience in, having headed up seven seasons of The Office for NBC. Space Force‘s story centres around the group who have been tasked by the president with setting up a space force as the sixth branch of the US military. The series is reportedly based on President Trump’s unconventional idea for such a military force.

Carell stars as General Mark R. Naird, the man charged with getting American “Boots on the Moon” by 2024. Malkovich is playing Dr. Adrian Mallory, Naird’s brilliant head scientific advisor. He is hoping to ensure that space does not end up as “the next great international battlefield”.

Other Space Force cast regulars will be Parks and Recreation’s Ben Schwartz as media consultant F. Tony Scarapiducci, Into The Dark‘s Diana Silvers as the General’s challenging daughter Erin, and Silicon Valley‘s Jimmy O. Yang as Dr. Mallory’s assistant Dr. Chan Kaifang.

Showrunner will be The Office’s executive producer Greg Daniels, who co-created the show with Steve Carell. The Office producer Howard Klein will also be an executive producer.

Carolyn Hucker