Ghost Rider TV Series No Longer In Development At Hulu

Credit: ABC

Agents Of SHIELD introduced some amazing takes on Marvel characters. No one has been quite as popular as Ghost Rider (Gabriel Luna), who was centric to the fourth season of the series.

The character, which is the Robbie Reyes version, proved to so popular that a series was in development at Hulu with Gabriel Luna set to reprise his role as the character.

Well, it’s disappointing to say, but that solo live-action series has been axed.

According to Deadline, it was due to a “creative impasse” between the show’s team and Hulu. This news does come out of nowhere for most as Luna was posting about the series up to about a week ago.

The series would have been a different iteration the character, so it’s hard to say if his actions in Agents of SHIELD would have been in canon. Now, I suppose we’ll never know. That is a pretty major bummer to be honest.

Hulu has several Marvel series currently in development. They have the animated “Offenders” universe, which include M.O.D.O.KHit-MonkeyTigra & Dazzler Show and Howard The Duck. In terms of live-action content, Runaways will be filming its third season and there’s a Helstrom series in development.

Given that Disney+ is not going to development shows for Marvel TV (It’s just straight MCU), it looks like the project may stay dead. Unless ABC comes in with the save, but we’re doubting it.

Bec Heim