Former Batman Christian Bale Shares Some Hard Earned Wisdom With Robert Pattinson

Credit: Warner Bros

When a beloved superhero has a new actor step into the role, fans begin the wait and the debates about whether or this new person will be any good. To be fair, most actors do a great job in their own unique ways to nail the performance.

Former Twilight heartthrob turned indie darling Robert Pattinson is the latest actor to don the mask of the Bat after Ben Affleck bowed out of the role. Pattinson makes a fair bit of sense for the role. I can’t wait to see what he does.

Previous Batman Christian Bale has some hard won wisdom to share with the newest Caped Crusader. After giving Pattison his seal of approval, he shared his advice.

“You don’t feel much like a superhero when you can’t take a piss by yourself.” Bale said.

It boils down to making sure you can go to the bathroom by yourself in the suit.

It’s an issues with superhero costumes from what I understand. Just a few weeks ago, we saw Tom Holland having to drink water from a straw in his eye hole of the Spider-Man costume.

Apparently, Bale also gave the advice to Affleck when he stepped into the role as he tells Variety at Toronto International Film Festival.

The Batman, which will be directed by Matt Reeves, will be released in 2021.

Bec Heim