Elsa And Anna Are On A Mission To Save Their Home In Newest Trailer For Frozen 2

Credit: Disney

Six years after Frozen made its way onto the bring screen, we’re a couple months away from the long-awaited release of the sequel.

Today (Monday, Sept. 23), Disney released the latest trailer for its upcoming film. In it, we get a bit more information on just what Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna (Kristen Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad), and Sven will be up against.

The story begins with the younger versions of the sisters hearing a bedtime story from their father. In it, he tells them of the North, where there was magic. Something happened, however, and it has been sealed off from the outside world ever since. Whatever happened involved wind and pink fire.

Elsa has been hearing someone singing just before the pink fire comes to Arendelle. In order to stop it from spreading, the group travels to the North and the mists. Elsa may have come into her powers, but, again, it’s up to Anna to make sure her sister doesn’t lose herself to them.


In addition to the trailer, which you can watch above, we also got some characters to match with the previously announced cast.

Alfred Molina will voice King Agnarr, Anna and Elsa’s father;  Evan Rachel Wood will voice Queen Iduna, Anna and Elsa’s mother; Sterling K Brown will voice Lieutenant Mattias, an Arendelle soldier trapped in the forest for 30 years; Martha Plimpton will play Yelana, the unspoken leader of the nomadic Northuldra; Rachel Matthews as Honeymaren, a free-spirited member of the Northuldra; Jason Ritter as Honeymaren’s brother Ryder; and a curious salamander named Bruni, who looks to be Elsa’s animal buddy in the film.

Frozen 2 will hit theatres on Nov. 22.

Bec Heim