Alternate Ending To Toy Story 4 Changes Everything For Woody And Bo

Credit: Pixar

Just when you thought the Toy Story franchise had played with your emotions for the last time an alternate ending to Toy Story 4 reveals a major surprise. In the exclusive video from EW, the scrapped ending, which will be included as a special feature on the upcoming home release of Toy Story 4, show just how much the story changed. Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen Toy Story 4!

In the theatrical ending, Woody makes the huge decision to leave his friends and stay with Bo Peep rather than return to Bonnie, the little girl Andy had given Woody and his toys to at the end of Toy Story 3. It was an emotional moment for Woody, the toys, and the audience as he said goodbye to Buzz, Jessie, and his other friends.

But here’s a look at another ending that was storyboarded for the film:

Credit: Tumblr

This may not have made it into the final cut but it still hurts! Woody and Bo each proclaiming “I’m yours” as they part ways possibly forever?? Yeah, I’m crying!

Now, obviously, this ending wouldn’t have made narrative sense in the rest of the film as it stands. Bo and (presumably) Harmony, whose grandmother owned the antique store, had no connection or interactions. For Bo to now realize Harmony is “the one” would be quite the stretch. It was the creepy Gabby Gabby who desperately wanted to be Harmony’s toy only to be rejected when she got her chance. In the end, Gabby Gabby did find a lost little girl to bond with and finally ended up loved.

Throughout Toy Story 4, Bo was proud and happy to be a free toy, moving around to play with kids at different rest stops and living life on the road. This ending posits that her mentality changed in an instant. It also seems as though just as she and Woody are reunited for the long-term, and he’s given up being a kid’s toy, which was always a core part of his identity, she leaves him. No thank you! I don’t want it!

The existence of this ending does raise questions about what the original plot of Toy Story 4 was like. As it was released, the film was about Woody discovering a new path in life, growing in his identity, and realizing he can find happiness outside of a kid’s room. He also had to learn to accept loss, which he’s always struggled with. It would’ve been incredibly bittersweet and unsatisfying to watch Woody go through all of this, leave behind Bonnie, Buzz, Jessie, and the others to be with Bo on the road only for her to leave him too. Thankfully, we got the ending we did.

Stephanie Coats