Where Do You Belong? Carnival Row Unveils More Of Its World In New Promos

Credit: Amazon

We are two weeks out from Amazon Prime’s premiere of their new fantasy series titled Carnival Row. The show stars Cara Delevigne and Orlando Bloom as Vignette Stonemoss and Rycroft Philostrate, a faery and a human who rekindle their love affair in the face of adversity, segregation, immigration concerns, inter-species violence, and a string of heinous murders that threaten the mythical and magical creatures of a place called Carnival Row.

Many of the mythical creatures in Carnival Row and the Burgue are refugees, fleeing a war-torn homeland. Instead of receiving the treatment they deserve (you know because they’re living creatures and all creatures should have basic rights), the refugees are often making ends meet by doing demeaning jobs. For example, the fae is forced to make a living in brothels, providing sexual favors to powerful human inhabitants of the Burgue.

To gear up for the upcoming release, the Carnival Row Twitter feed is awash with new pictures and video that give us a better look at the humans of this world as well as they mythical inhabitants.

The first video released allows users to like the video to see whether they are part of the humans or the creatures. The video is comprised of mostly previously seen footage, but some of the footage is new, like Vignny reaching out to Philo in the streets with tears in her eyes and an unnamed character declaring that Philo and Vignny’s love will get Vignny killed one day.

The second video allows the audience to get a better look at the human inhabitants of Burgue. This is all new footage of the decadent lives the humans live in opposition to the squalor the creatures live in. We get brand new looks at Tamzin Merchant’s character Imogen as well as more glimpses of Jared Harris’s Absalom Breakspear. Mysteriously absent is Absalom’s wife Piety Breakspear, played by Indira Varma. So far, she’s been prominent along with Merchant and Harris when it comes to the human contingent. It makes sense as, I believe, she’s the main villain (besides the, you know, dark mythical being stitching itself together with parts of the creatures it’s killing, but that’s a different story.)

The third, and last video recently released, shows more of Carnival Row and is also comprised of new material. We get new glimpses of the Puck and the horrible racism and brutality the creatures endure. Vignny is forced to bind up her wings at her place of employment because her human employer doesn’t want her to go flying away. Humans beat the Centaurs while some of them are seen sweeping up hay from the sidewalk and we are reminded that word “critch” is a derogatory term used to describe the creatures.

Rounding up the last bit of releases, as of publishing, are promo pictures that introduce us to the main characters found in Carnival Row and what we can assume are quotes these characters will say at some point in the show. Each one gives us a glimpse of these character’s personalities. Philo is obviously sympathetic to the creatures as he did fight in their war or at least a war waged in the creatures’ homeland. Vignny’s quote reminds us that a) she has secrets, and b) she’s intense and not a fae to be trifled with. Meanwhile, Agreus’ quote is the most interesting of them all, in my opinion. This is a Puck who has defied convention and has become affluent and rich and lives with the humans outside of Carnival Row. How did he get so rich and how has he managed to survive in this tumultuous word?

These are questions that will hopefully be answered when Carnival Row is released August 30th on Amazon Prime.

Shelby Arnold
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