Van Helsing’s Jennifer Cheon Garcia Heads To Supergirl As The Villainous Midnight

Credit: The CW

Looks like Kara will have to toe to toe with the darkness again, this time literally.

According to Variety, Jennifer Cheon Garcia (Van Helsing) will appear in the fifth season premiere as the villainous Midnight.

The character is described as “the physical manifestation of darkness” who was released from “an otherworldly prison to enact revenge against the person who put her there.”

Cheon Garcia is best known for her role as Ivory in season three of the Syfy post-apocalyptic vampire drama, Van Helsing. She’s also no stranger to the Arrowverse, however, as she played an SCPD officer for several episodes in season two of Arrow. The actor has also appeared in The DriveThe 100Lucifer, and Supernatural. 

There are several characters in comics who claim the moniker of Midnight. There was, in the 30s and 40s, a masked detective who went by the name who took on the identity of a popular radio show character to fight crime. There’s also Midnighter, who is a member of the superhero team the authority and married to its Superman analogue Apollo, but, while violent and has some enhanced abilities, has no command over darkness. It’s more than likely that this villain is a new character made for the series.

Now the part about the “otherworldly prison” definitely intrigues us. Fans will recall that at the end of season four, the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) released Malefic (or, in comics, Ma’alefa’ak), voiced by Phil LaMarr, from an otherworldly prison. Malefic is the brother of J’onn J’onzz (David Harewood) in comics and seems to have an axe to grind. It could be that he freed Midnight from the prison.

We’ll have to wait and see though.

Supergirl season five will debut on Sunday, October 6th at 9/8c on the CW.

Bec Heim