The First Trailer For Greta Gerwig’s Little Women Is Giving Us All The Emotions

Credit: Columbia Pictures

The first trailer for Greta Gerwig’s anticipated adaptation of Little Women was released today.

Oh boy, it is pretty damn amazing.

The two and a half minute trailer brings the March sisters: Meg (Emma Watson), Jo (Saorise Ronan), Beth (Eliza Scanlen), and Amy (Florence Pugh) to glorious life. It showcases them as messy and as complex as they should be. (Well Amy needs some work if you read the book, but we’re confident in Gerwig to do it.) The closeness that binds them together while also driving them to distraction is ever present.

In addition to the sisters, we have our first looks at Marmee (Laura Dern), Laurie (Timothee Chalamet), and Aunt March (Meryl Streep).

Talking with Entertainment Weekly about the trailer, Gerwig said that it is very evocative of the movie as a whole.

“We wanted [the trailer] to feel like the movie feels, which is both classical and fresh. We wanted it to feel light on its feet. And even though it does take place in the 19th century, we in no way wanted it to feel like it was something that was past. We wanted it to feel like it was present right now.”


Gerwig also shared some details about the upcoming film. Rather than a linear narrative, the film follows the sisters as they enter adulthood. While there are plenty of scenes together, we also see them separated, such as Meg marrying, Jo burning off her hair, and Amy with Laurie in Europe.

“I wanted it to be both — this is the collective experience and also these are the individual journeys. I think that’s what I love [about] the story and I think that’s what generations of readers have loved about the story.”

In one of the more affecting moments of the trailer, however, Jo talks about how women should not end up solely focused on marriage as their end goal. The quote that Ronan declares, according to Gerwig, comes from the writings of the book’s author Louisa May Alcott.

“Women have minds and they have souls as well as just hearts. hey’ve got ambition and they’ve got talent as well as just beauty. I am so sick of people saying that love is just all a woman is fit for. I’m so sick of it!”

Gerwig said that she “cried” after reading it. Too be fair, we teared up after hearing it.

Little Women will hit theatres on Christmas Day.

Bec Heim