The FBI Makes Their Own Enemies In The Day Shall Come Trailer

Credit: IFC Films

Sometimes people will see terrorists when there really aren’t any.

In British satirist Chris Morris’ latest film, The Day Shall Come, the law enforcement community will just make them. The film follows Anna Kendrick and Denis O’Hare as FBI counterterrorism agents that want to stop the next 9/11 (and look good in front of their bosses). In order to do that, the find a small radical collective led by Moses Al Shabaz (Marchánt Davis), who preaches a mix of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and-old school Black Panther ideology to inspire his followers to rise up.

Thing is, however, that he only has three followers, plus his wife Venus (Danielle Brooks). While it looks like, on their own, they won’t be able to practice what Moses preaches, maybe with the help of the FBI they can.


If you’re sitting there thinking, “Hey, this sounds familiar.”, then you’re not alone in that.

Morris drew inspiration for this from a “hundred true stories”, especially inspired by the Liberty City Seven case in 2006. For those unaware, seven young black men in Miami were accused of trying to launch a “full scale ground war” against the United States government. Eventually, after years, five of the seven were convicted of terrorism. Their only crime, however, seems to be taking money offered by the US informants in order to fund their crimes.

In the film, Moses and his family also live in Liberty City.

On the film and the inspiration of it, Morris said to Entertainment Weekly, “The film is a story about Moses and his family stumbling into a trap that they don’t even see. I wanted to tell it that way because these are the kinds of real human beings who end up being run through this invisible machine and minced. It needed to be their story. But I didn’t set out to tell a story about some people living in Liberty City. I set out to discover why the TV news and government were telling enormous lies. The U.S. attorney general stood there on courthouse steps saying this was a full-scale ground war being planned in Miami. He would’ve or should’ve known that these were clearly just guys who tried to bag $50,000.”

The Day Shall Come will be released on VOD and in theatres on Sept. 27th.

Bec Heim