Rebecca Sugar On How Steven Universe: The Movie Came Together

Credit: Cartoon Network

Steven Universe is one of those animated shows that will define a generation and probably just age extremely well. Spawning a franchise from the animated series that includes two LPs of songs from the show, comic books, an art book, it’s not surprising that fans are hyped for the upcoming movie.

In today’s world, we need something that advocates love and the radical power of kindness and friendship that Steven Universe does. It doesn’t mean it’s soft and can be… transformative in the best ways possible.

We’re days away from the premiere. Those lucky enough to get an advanced copy are praising the film, which is a true blue musical.

Talking with, series creator and showrunner Rebecca Sugar shared how that came about. In fact, preparations for the movie started a lot longer ago then you would think. As the movie hasn’t premiered yet, they couldn’t release what was the whole answer.

“All of this big ramp-up through “Change Your Mind,” so much of what we were doing with the series was actually us preparing to do this huge musical. Episodes like “Mr. Greg,” and sequences like “For Just One Day Let’s Only Think About Love” and “Reunited” were us getting ready for this huge endeavor. That’s where it started. I’m such a huge fan of musicals. For years, I started studying as we were getting ready every musical I could get my hands on, writing down what was working and what wasn’t working, and every movie that was made from a television show, and trying to figure out how to do the best of both.”

“For Just One Day Let’s Only Think About Love” is, honestly, my personal favorite from the series. It harkens back to the old school movie musicals that I would watch with my mom.

We’ll see how all that preparation came together when Steven Universe: The Movie premieres on Monday, Sept. 2nd at 6pm ET on Cartoon Network.

Bec Heim