Natalie Portman Is On The Edge Of Madness In The Wild Trailer For Lucy In The Sky

Credit: Fox Searchlight

Natalie Portman is about to take her own trippy journey into space while still on Earth.

Noah Hawley’s Lucy in the Sky released its latest trailer today. Wow, it definitely seems like a wild ride. Granted, the story is based on a pretty wild true event of Lisa Nowak.

Nowak began an affair with her fellow astronaut William Oefelein after returning to Earth. While Oefelein broke it off, Nowak remained pretty obsessed with him. When it was clear that Oefelein wasn’t going to leave his latest romantic partner, Nowak attempted to kidnap the other woman, driving from Houston to Orlando to do so. It failed and Nowak was left in disgrace.

Now this is based on Nowak’s story, not a true retelling, Portman’s character is named Lucy Cola. Cola only feels true peace when looking at Earth down from the stars. In the trailer, Lucy feels this experience is “the only place where anything makes sense.”

She ends up seeking solace with one of her peers – Mark Goodwin (Jon Hamm) – who quickly moves on to a new romance, Erin (Zazie Beetz). Meanwhile, Lucy’s love for him grows more obsessive and peculiar, which threatens her going back up into the stars.

Also witnessing this unravelling of Lucy’s mind is her devoted husband Drew (Dan Stevens) and her mother (Ellen Burstyn).

Check out the trippy, mind-bending trailer below.

Lucy in the Sky takes off on Oct. 4th after premiering at TIFF.

Bec Heim