Lucifer Unveils Its Title For The Final Season Premiere

Credit: Netflix

Lucifer is coming to an end, presumably some time in 2020.

For the past four seasons, we’ve been taken on a wild ride along with the Devil (Tom Ellis) as he forges himself into a better person while still being himself. Sadly, all good things come to an end. The 16-episode final season of the series was given the greenlight by Netflix.

Presumably, with this latest image, filming may commence pretty soon.

Yesterday, the Lucifer Writers Room Twitter unveiled the premiere episode title. It is called “Really Sad Devil Guy”. As all of the titles of the series is dialogue from the episode, we know what this will be.


Lucifer does have a reason to be sad. Season four ended with him returning to Hell after demons tried to invade Earth and kidnapped Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) and Linda’s (Rachael Harris) newborn son Charlie. He was able to send the demons back to the pit, but needed to return to make sure that they would stay put.

Hell needs a king and only a Celestial can rule.

Unfortunately, this is when Chloe (Lauren German), who has been wrestling with the revelation that Lucifer is really the Devil all season, tells him that she loves him.

And if you listen closely, that’s the sound of all the Deckerstar stans scream in frustration and angst.

Lucifer season five has no release date. Though many, including us, believe it will return in 2020 for its final run of episodes.

Bec Heim