Kristen Bell On Why It Took So Long To Make Frozen 2

Credit: Disney

Frozen 2 will debut in just a couple months time. It is exciting along with being a long wait.

The film first debut in 2013 to critical and commercial success, winning the multiple awards that year for animation and songs. It was praised for its message of acceptance and focus on the bond of sisterhood and familial love, flipping the script on the traditional Disney romance and definition of “true love”.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the announced sequel, but it took six years to get the film made. Part of it is the process, it takes time to make a film, especially an animated one. Plus, according to Kristen Bell, they wanted to make sure that it was done right.

Speaking with Collider, Bell shared that co-director and Disney Animation head Jennifer Lee wanted to make sure that impact of the second film was just as powerful as the first.

“The reason they didn’t green light it so quickly is because nobody knew what it was gonna be. Nobody wanted it to be Episode 2 of Frozen, where Anna lost her shoes. No. It was about, what are the emotional undercurrents where we can show growth and character development in these people? What are we saying? It’s not just about providing a problem and have an end of a second act, and then a third act. It’s a beautiful story, and I think it says something pretty powerful. I’m glad that they took the time that they did because I think it’s really good. And it’s definitely a different Frozen. It’s a more developed Frozen.”

It definitely sounds great that they took all that character growth from the first film and brought it to the second. She also said that Lee would keep going back to the drawing board to refine the sequel.

“Jen [Lee] kept going back to the drawing board, until she got it exactly right. To even find the story, she journaled, as the characters, for months. She would open a journal and be like, ‘What’s Anna doing today?,’ just to find where she’s stunted, where does she needs to grow, and what’s important. It was pretty impressive.”

With that level of detail and care, it sounds like Frozen 2 may even surpass its predecessor.

Frozen 2 will be out on November 22nd.

Bec Heim