Fantasy TV Series Gormenghast With Neil Gaiman Heads To Showtime

Credit: Eyre & Spottiswoode

There’s another Neil Gaiman project in the works. The catch, however, is its not a property that was Gaiman’s originally.

According to Deadline, Showtime has picked up a television adaptation of Gormenghast from Neil Gaiman, Akiva Goldsmith (Star Trek: Picard), and Toby Whithouse (Doctor Who). Whithouse will serve as showrunner for the series.

Hailing from author Mergyn Peake, the fantasy series follows the inhabitants of the titular Gormenghast Castle, which is the home of the Groan dynasty and their master Lord Sepulchrave. Titus Groan is in line to inherit the castle, but wants to branch out beyond the walls of his home where archaic rituals are practiced.

On the upcoming series, Gaiman had only high praise for the books that it hails from.

“The joy of trying to describe Gormenghast to people is one where words will fail you and that’s why there have been people who wanted to film Gormenghast ever since Peake wrote the first book. The BBC once tried but they were all making it in times when depicting the impossible on the screen was too difficult. The great thing now is that we can make it and actually show it and take you there. We are now in a world where you can put the impossible on screen and with Gormenghast, you’re not just dealing with a castle the size of a city but dealing with these incredibly glorious and memorable people.”

Previously, the BBC adapted the books in a four-part in 2000 that starred Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Christopher Lee.

Currently, there’s no release timeframe for the series.

Bec Heim