Did Agents of SHIELD Just Kill [Spoiler] in the Season 6 Finale “The Sign” and “New Life”?

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Agents of SHIELD‘s sixth season has been a little bit of everything and now it’s come to a two-hour, two-part end that is really just a major set up for the seventh and final season next year. But that doesn’t mean anyone is safe. Before season 6 is done, we may say goodbye to one or two major characters. Read on for recaps of both “The Sign” and “New Life.”

The Sign 

Less than a minute after somehow showing up in our present/his past, Flint shows off his rock building powers to Izel. She immediately body snatches him and uses his powers to rebuild the monoliths. When she’s finished, she drops Flint and walks out of the temple to send her Shrike to “bring [her] an army”. Flint is able to free Yo-Yo and Mack but before they can escape, Izel returns. She hops back into Yo-Yo and breaks Flint’s leg, so no one is going anywhere. Why doesn’t Yo-Yo ever run when Izel slowly comes forward to body snatch her?

At the Lighthouse, there’s some good news. Team Fitzsimmons have made bracelets to block Izel from jumping to people’s bodies. Using Sarge’s store of Shrike-killing daggers, they also made Shrike-killing bullets, though Sarge kept the sword. May believes he’ll be able to tap into his anger to kill Izel and then she can help him reign in whatever rage demon is inside him so he doesn’t lose control. En route to the temple with him and Daisy, May says she hopes they can ditch the alien in Sarge and maybe get Coulson back. 

Landing in the jungle, SHIELD easily retakes the empty Zephyr and quinjet. Sarge, Daisy, and May head towards the temple but are waylaid by Shrike zombies. “I’m pretty sure I killed most of the birds at the tower,” Daisy says right before a horde of zombies pops up. “And I’m pretty sure I just jinxed us by saying that.”

The other biggest problem at the moment is how to get into the temple without Izel noticing. Deke may have a solution to that. He’s covertly set up his entire company within the Lighthouse and has them working on the Izel-blocking bracelets, among other things, such as a “jump drive.” The bulky but portable device could transport an agent into the temple. Fitz is furious that his grandson has been stealing tech invented by others and passing it off as his own to get rich. 

Frustrated by Fitz’s harping, Deke snaps. As he hastily finishes assembling the drive, he confesses he built his company because he had no friends, no home, Daisy doesn’t return his feelings, and Simmons didn’t even tell him Fitz had died. “I survived an apocalyptic hellscape,” he says. “So what do I have to do to get a little respect around here?” He activates the drive and is gone. 

He arrives in the temple and outfits Yo-Yo, Mack, and Flint with Izel-blocking bracelets. He leads them out of the temple and volunteers to distract the zombies while they escape. “Thank you, Agent Shaw,” Mack says, his timing impeccable. “Anytime, Director.” But here’s the hitch: the jump drive needs about 30 minutes to recharge so Deke can’t escape as easily as he thought. Since he’s trapped, he sets up a camera so those at the Lighthouse can watch Izel.  

After leaving Flint with Piper on the quinjet, Mack and Yo-Yo go to the Zephyr. Daisy suddenly arrives, having lured away the zombies to give Sarge and May a clear shot at the temple. The Shrike are right behind her. Deke was able to “jump” out of the temple but landed in the jungle and had to ditch the “jump drive” to get away. He sneaks aboard the quinjet while the others are locked away to protect themselves from the Shrike.

As May and Sarge get closer to Izel, he hears the latter’s song and struggles to retain control. Realizing May is holding out hope for Coulson’s return, Sarge tells her he’s not “the love of her life” and getting rid of the alien inside him won’t bring Coulson back. May counters that she simply believes there’s good in Sarge still. That’s tested pretty quickly when they finally confront Izel. She’s used the monoliths to open a portal. Sarge pins her down and tries to stab her but can’t bring himself to do it. Izel and May each try to persuade him to their side.

 “Remember me,” May says. “Remember us.” She lists the members of their team and talks about how he (as Coulson) helped her open her heart to love again. “You love us,” she says imploringly. Sarge realizes the pain in his heart is love… but he doesn’t want it. He stabs May and shoves her through the portal. 

In the kicker, Enoch with the Chronicom Isaiah about connecting with fellow anthropologists to reestablish their world. But everyone has been resigned as hunters, including Isaiah who grabs Enoch.

Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

New Life

Via video feed, Fitzsimmons watch as Sarge kills May. When Daisy radios in, they tell her what happened right before the comms go down. The Chronicom bounty hunters have arrived. Everyone scatters as the hunters lock down the exits. Fitz tries to contact Enoch but there’s no answer. When Fitzsimmons arrive to the extract point, the agents are dead. They realize the hunters know all of SHIELD’s protocols because they can see into Simmons’ past memories thanks to the brain scanning device. The pair send everyone to Deke’s lab, which is new so the hunters won’t know about it.

Speaking of Deke, he makes contact with Mack, who instructs him on how to pilot the quinjet. Shrike zombies have ripped out the power but Deke manages a work around and hops over to the Zephyr. Daisy and Yo-Yo take out a few Shrike who have infiltrated the plane but one flies into Yo-Yo. As Deke flies them to the temple, she asks Daisy to stab her with one of Sarge’s knives when the time comes.

In the temple, Sarge seems to have embraced his “true” self and joined Izel. But he’s still pissed at her. He’d sent her from their world to locate the monoliths and provide him with the means to follow her but instead, she left him in their world until, by chance, he was able to inhabit Coulson’s body. Izel reasons that none of that matters now that the portal is open. Once the Shrike have killed what’s left of SHIELD, they’ll return to provide hosts for the Others. 

Through the portal, three beings that represent the monoliths prepare to place talismans on a stone tablet, thereby opening the doorway for the Others to reach the portal. May lies in a pool of blood but when next we look, she’s somehow alive. She pulls out the sword and kills the beings, tossing the talismans through the portal. Feeling she has to do everything herself, Izel pulls out her own sword and goes through the portal to confront May.

To prevent the Chronicoms from gaining any more knowledge of SHIELD, Fitzsimmons plant bombs on the hard drives. But because the room only has one entrance and the hunters are coming right towards it, they have no way to escape the blast. They crouch together, prepared to set off the bombs once the hunters are inside… only for Isaiah to shoot the two hunters that are with him. He’s actually Enoch! Having killed Isaiah and taken his form, Enoch has a plan to save everyone but it’s something drastic. 

Yo-Yo is deteriorating fast. She hobbles along with Mack and Daisy to the temple while Deke guards the entrance. As soon as she can, Daisy quakes Sarge and we finally see the alien underneath. He’s far too powerful for her and when Yo-Yo starts dying, she has to let Mack and his amazing muscles take on Sarge alone. On the other side of the portal, Izel and May sword fight until the former is able to put the talismans in place and open the doorway. 

When Yo-Yo asks for Daisy to stab her before it’s too late, Daisy can’t and so Mack takes over while Daisy goes for round two against Sarge. Izel steps through the portal and is about to stab Daisy when May stabs Izel first. She tosses the sword to Mack, who kicks Sarge. The Shrike inside Yo-Yo dies but she lives. Daisy cradles a dying May, who asks if there was any of Coulson left in Sarge. Daisy shakes her head.  “I was hoping to see him again,” May says. “Me too,” Daisy replies. “I guess I’ll see him soon enough,” May says and then dies. 

Simmons suddenly shows up with a team in hazmat suits. She injects something into May to stabilize her and the team extracts pieces of the monoliths. They return to the Zephyr, which has been drastically upgraded. Deke inquires about Fitz but Simmons says she “can’t” know where he is. She tells them the Chronicoms want to make Earth their new planet and they’re hopping through time to take out SHIELD so they have no opposition. With Enoch’s help, they were able to upgrade the Zephyr to a time ship. Remotely, Fitz sends them back to 1930s New York but they need an expert in SHIELD history help them stay ahead of the Chronicoms. To that end, they’ve remade Coulson into the most advanced LMD using Chronicom tech. 

Field Notes

  • Me, after the first hour of this two-parter: We’re really hanging on to this Chronicom storyline, aren’t we? They must have a pivotal role in the finale.
    Me, after the finale: Okay, I guess??
  • Izel has to be one of the slowest moving and most boring villains in this series. Every time she body snatches someone, I think, why didn’t they move or run or doing ANYTHING? 
  • Sarge stabbing May with a sword right in front of a portal was very Buffy/Angel

    Credit: Tumblr
  • Are we going to keep bringing in Coulson lookalikes until one of them finally gets to give May her well-deserved happy ending?
  • It’s not that I don’t love Clark Gregg, because I do. But why put viewers through all of the buildup and tension and sadness of Coulson’s death only to keep bringing back versions of him again and again? It was fun when it happened with Ward because Ward was a bad guy and we enjoyed watching him get beat time after time. But I’m not enjoying watching Coulson die time after time and May and Daisy be heartbroken again and again.
Stephanie Coats