Could Spider-Man Leave The MCU? Marvel And Sony’s Deal Is In Chaos

Credit: Marvel Studios

There have been break-ups to define a generation, such as The Beatles or Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton or Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.

Well, it looks like this generations break-up may be that of Sony and Marvel. Poor Spider-Man may be caught in the middle.

According to Deadline, Sony and Marvel’s parent company, Disney, have hit a snag when negotiating an extension for Spider-Man to remain in the MCU. The culprit? Money, of course.

The breakdown comes over how much money Marvel and Disney are getting out of the deal. They would like a 50/50 split going forward instead of the modest five percent of first-dollar gross, as well as all merchandising revenue. Sony would like to keep the existing terms that were brokered in 2015.

This makes sense as Spider-Man: Far From Home, which capped the decade-plus “Thanos arc” was the highest grossing film for Sony. So it’s not surprise that they want to keep the existing deal in place.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, and Tim Rothman, film head of Sony Pictures, have reportedly been negotiating for months. It looks like they’re at an impasse. If nothing is done, then Feige will be removed as a producer from any Spider-Man films going forward, removing Spidey from the MCU.

Given that the company was hyping him up as the next Iron Man? It’s not great for Marvel.

So what does this mean? Is Spider-Man (played by Tom Holland) really leaving the MCU?

Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter is reporting the split as a done deal. Other outlets, however, have offered hope that Spider-Man’s fate isn’t as sealed. A source said to Variety that a deal still could be reached between Disney and Sony. Disney is said to have expressed concerns of Feige spreading himself too thin with future Marvel projects plus the upcoming slate for Disney+. also said that they’re sources confirmed that talks are ongoing between the two studios at this time. They report that another sticking point, other than money, is whether Marvel will be attached to future Sony projects with Spider-Man characters such as Morbius and Venom 2. Entertainment Weekly also confirms this.

The long and short of is that, unless something can be worked out, then Spider-Man’s status as the new Big Hero of the MCU is no more. The only thing that fans can do, meanwhile, is wait.

Bec Heim