Constance Wu Learns Pole Dancing From Jennifer Lopez In Hustlers First Look

Credit: STXFilms

Stripping is super hard work, everyone. It requires to be well conditioned and to trust yourself to not fall on your ass and pole dancing in six inch heels. There’s a reason that pole dancing classes are a thing.

Even so, it’s something that everyone can learn. As Jennifer Lopez teaches Constance Wu in the first clip from the film Hustlers. The film follows a group of strippers who scam wealthy men after the late 2000s financial crisis leads to the sex industry bottoming out. Led by Wu’s Destiny, an ambitious single mother, the group of women make some major scores.

The film is about how it all went wrong.

In the scene below, Lopez’s character Ramona teaches Destiny some moves for the pole. When Destiny starts doubting herself, Ramona is right there with some much needed encouragement.  As she puts it to Destiny, “Every girl has muscles to do this.”

I mean, probably but how many girls actually put those muscles to work. Me, for example, I was horrible at the rope climbing thing in gym. I can’t imagine climbing a pole.

Check out the clip below.


The film also stars Julia Stiles (The Prince and Me), Cardi B, Keke Palmer (Star), and Lili Reinhart (Riverdale). It is directed and written by Lorene Scafaria based on an article by Jessica Pressler.

Hustlers will be out on Sept. 13.

Bec Heim