Aaron Taylor-Johnson Battles Addiction And More In A Million Little Pieces Trailer

Credit: TIFF

When James Frey’s memoir about his battle with addiction and his time in rehab, A Million Little Pieces , first came out back in 2005, it was considered to be quite successful and lauded by critics everywhere. That sucess was, however, short-lived as Frey was soon dealing with accusastions that he made up the events in the book, which culmunated in a confrontation with Oprah Winfrey on her talk show in 2006 where he admitted to manipulating what actually happened.

Despite this, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his wife, director Sam Taylor-Johnson, have taken on the task of adapting the memoir for the big screen, which released its first trailer this week. Taylor-Johnson plays James, the 23-year-old alcohol and drug addict who awakens one day on an airplane with a bashed and bruised face and no memory of the past weeks. He then decides to go to rehab where he learns he’ll very likely die if he returns to his old habits.

Joining Taylor-Johnson as part of the cast are Billy Bob Thornton, Charlie Hunnam, Juliette Lewis, and Odessa Young. Taylor-Johnsons also co-adapted the script, moving away from the previously attempt to make the memoir a movie at Warner Bros., which had Frey writing the script himself.

Check out the trailer below!

Taylor-Johnson has made quite the name for himself for his more serious roles. The actor is in familiar territory once more in this role. Based off this trailer alone, he may want to make some room on his shelf as he may walk away with an award or two with this performance.

A Million Little Pieces is set to be released in December 2019.

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