9-1-1 Releases A Season Three Trailer Promising One Big Wave Hitting The Santa Monica Pier

Credit: Fox

Fox’s 9-1-1 is the definition of the phrase “go big or go home”. From the emergencies to the character developments, there’s just a lot that happens in this series.

Following last season’s huge earthquake that rocked L.A., there’s another natural disaster gearing toward sunny California. This time? It’s a tsunami hitting the Santa Monica Pier.


Even more terrifying, Buck (Oliver Stark) is enjoying some time at the pier as well with who looks Eddie’s (Ryan Guzman) son, Christopher (Gavin McHugh). So that’s not gonna end well for one of our LAFD members, is it? Also nothing better happen to the little Diaz or we will riot.

Though when the alarms blare, Buck goes into action calling for people to get off the beach. Then he tries to take shelter in a carnival game booth while calling out for Bobby (Peter Nash).

Bobby, meanwhile, is just staring in quiet awe at the giant ass wave that’s coming for L.A. This all happens while Athena (Angela Bassett) provides a calm voiceover about the nature of emergencies and the jobs of first responders.

You gotta admit, the show knows how to hook you. Check out the trailer below.


Also in 9-1-1 news, WWE’s Ronda Rousey will have an recurring role in the upcoming season. She will play Lena, a “fearless” LAFD firefighter at Station 136. Not much is known about her character other than that. It will be great to see how she interacts with our favorite crew at the 118.

You know, if they all survive the tidal wave. It’s a concern.

9-1-1 returns on Monday, September 23rd at 8/7c on FOX.

Bec Heim