13 Reasons Why Season Three Trailer Goes Deeper Into Who Killed Bryce Walker

Credit: Netflix

13 Reasons Why is a show that has garnered its fair share of controversy. What was a supposed to be a miniseries based on the YA novel of the same name has turned into a conversation about what the audience the show targets can handle along with the responsibility of a network (streaming or otherwise) in order to handle depictions of graphic imagery and themes. This came after a study linked an increase in teen suicides to the series. Netflix has tried to mitigate it with special PSAs before the episodes and even removed the scene where Hannah commits suicide earlier this summer.

One thing fans and critics that were turned off by the not very good second season seem to agree on is that, based on the trailers, the show seems to have refocused itself in season three. Why? Well the series main antagonist, Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice), is murdered and the season focuses on solving the mystery of his death. (Before you ask, no one is really sad about it. Dude was a rapist and got off, essentially, scot free after being found guilty. Ugh.)

While the first trailer for the third season sets up the mystery, the final trailer delves a little bit deeper into it.

Unsurprising, every single character is a suspect in the death. We’re not really that surprised everyone had motive to kill Bryce.

The synopsis for the third season teases that much.

“Who killed Bryce Walker? Everyone has their reasons… The secrets at Liberty High run deep, and in the aftermath of the Homecoming game all of the friends have something to hide. As the mystery of his death engulfs the town, there are numerous suspects in focus. But were any of them truly capable of murder? And who is the new girl? Police are determined to get to the truth, but with a web of secrets and lies this tangled, will anyone be found guilty?”

Check out the trailer below.


13 Reasons Why season three hits Netflix on August 23rd.


Bec Heim