Supergirl Star Melissa Benoist To Make Directorial Debut In Season Five

Credit: The CW

Melissa Benoist is definitely living up to her character’s moniker.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Supergirl star will make her directorial debut later in season five. Benoist will direct the 17th episode of the season.

Even though her episode will come up later in the game, she’s preparing right now. So far, Benoist has sat in on a concept meeting with producer Jesse Warn and will shadow director Tawnia McKiernan, who helmed the excellent (although overcrowded) Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) introduction episode, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” She’s directed several other episodes over the series as well.

Directing for the show is something that Benoist has been wanting to do for awhile.

“I’ve been wanting to direct since season 3, but couldn’t last year because of scheduling conflicts, so [star] David Harewood did it first. I just felt really drawn to it for a couple of seasons now, just because you know the show so well, and you get to know the character, and the world, and the tone of the show so well that you can’t help but envision certain scenes in a certain way. I want to play with that.”

It makes sense why Benoist couldn’t do it in season four. She was already playing double duty as both Kara Danvers and Red Daughter, directing an episode on top of all that would be too much. Harewood himself directed the Nia Nal (Nicole Maines) centric episode “American Dreamer“, which was an excellent debut.

Melissa said that she wants to be as prepared as possible for her turn behind the camera.

“These shows are so massive that it’s not like directing any other show on TV, I would imagine, and everyone has said as much to me. I’m literally trying to be a sponge, and I will learn something new every single day I’m shadowing. It’s just a matter of talking to actors, making sure everyone feels creative and collaborative even though we have these massive constraints with budget and special effects. It’s like a chess game, I’ve realized. You move your pawn one way, and then someone knocks your rook down because you can’t do a certain stunt you wanted to do. It’s all about compromising and trying to be as creative as you can within those boundaries, which is a cool challenge.”

Benoist isn’t the first Arrowverse actor to step behind the camera. In addition to her and Harewood, Tom Cavanagh, Danielle Panabaker, David Ramsey also went behind the camera on their respective shows.

Supergirl returns Sunday, October 6th at 9/8c on the CW. Benoist’s directorial debut won’t premiere until Spring 2020.

Bec Heim