Steven Universe The Movie’s First Poster Gives Best Look At Its Villain (And Time Jump?)

Credit: Cartoon Network

You thought White Diamond was bad? It’s about to get a lot worse for Steven and the gang.

Announced last year at SDCC, a Steven Universe movie will debut later this year. All we know about the villain is that this Gem is heart-shaped, upside down but still.

Entertainment Weekly released the first poster for the movie. It does seem to tease a time jump along with giving us the first full look at the crazy eyed villain with the pigtails.

Credit: Cartoon Network via EW

So why do people think the time jump? Well there’s some additions to Beach City and temple that we see in the poster. Plus, well, Steven looks older with a new t-shirt and bomber jacket.

As for the villain? Well, naturally, there are theories. I’ve heard a corrupted version of Pink Diamond’s spirit (I don’t think so), Red Diamond (maybe?), a fusion (possibly), or a brand new gem. I will see it’s interesting seeing a heart-shaped gem, even upside down. I don’t remember ever seeing one like it before.

The film, which is also a musical, will have original songs from series creator/showrunner Rebecca Sugar who worked with Chance the Rapper, Estelle (who voices Garnet), Aimme Mann, and others.

The core cast which features Estelle, Zach Callison (Steven), Michaela Dietz (Amythest), and Deedee Magno (Pearl) will return. Also confirmed to be lending their voices are Patti LuPone (Yellow Diamond), Uzo Aduba (Bismuth), Lisa Hannigan (Blue Diamond), Erica Luttrell (Sapphire), and Charlyne Yi (Ruby).

There’s no release date for the film except sometime this Fall.

After it airs on Cartoon Network, the movie will be released on DVD. The soundtrack will be released digitally and physically.

Bec Heim