[Spoiler] Is Revealed As The Big Bad In Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “Collision Course Part One”

Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Despite their agreement last episode, Mack wants more answers from Sarge before he hands over the latter’s truck and crew. Sarge says he knows where the Shrike creator is set to land and plans to be there to kill them. He and Mack find a bargain: Sarge is allowed one crew member (he picks Snow) and Mack sends Daisy and May with him on his mission, though Daisy keeps her Inhuman powers on the down low. When a piece of equipment fails, Mack also convinces/blackmails Deke to go too.

Fitz and Simmons are ready to go home. Although his former crewmates are skeptical that the ship can make a light jump, Fitz says they have 50/50 odds. Izel decides that’s good enough and hits the switch. A moment later, they’re in range of Earth. While this would usually be a reason to celebrate, what they don’t know is they’re bringing a potentially world-ending problem with them. Tucked away, Izel hums softly to a baby Shrike in her hands. She’s the big bad Sarge is planning to kill. 

Not knowing what or who she is, FitzSimmons promise to help Izel. She is searching for artifacts from her homeworld, which they deduce are the monoliths. Simmons quickly adds they believed the monoliths were with the Chronicoms, and Izel agrees, which is why she went to their homeworld. But it was destroyed by someone who she says also murdered her crew and is hunting her too all because she “knows what he really is.” When Fitz and Simmons aren’t around, Izel infects the rest of the crew with Shrike, turning them into a little army.

Mack follows Sarge in Helicarrier though Pax and Jaco say he shouldn’t. They don’t elaborate on why. Thanks to Benson’s research, S.H.I.E.L.D. learns about Izel and her search for the monoliths, which has been going on for a very long time. Everywhere she goes, she leaves death and destruction. 

It’s implied, and later confirmed, that Sarge considers Izel responsible for the death of his family. Daisy remains uneasy about the man with Coulson’s face, but May reveals that some part of her feels like she can trust him. When the truck slams to a halt, they go in search of Deke and find him and Snow making out half dressed. Then Sarge barges in, angry because the equipment Deke previously fixed is broken again. Whatever it is, they need it in order to get close enough to kill Izel. How does Sarge plan to do that? By stabbing her in the heart with a magical sword.

A group of Shrike gather in the middle of a field and explode into crystals, which build together into a tower. When it’s done, Sarge says, a swarm of Shrike will burst out and take over the planet. “Wanna call Mack and tell him the good news?” Daisy says to May.

FitzSimmons’ ship begins its descent to Earth, heading right where the Shrike tower is being built. S.H.I.E.L.D. detects the ship but is unable to contact them in any way, meaning they don’t know FitzSimmons are aboard. Pax and Jaco break out of where they’re being held on the Helicarrier but Yo-Yo easily recaptures them. Nervous because they’re approaching Izel’s intended location, Pax reveals Sarge’s actual plan is to blow up a bomb that will destroy a piece of Earth and, hopefully, the Shrike and Izel. Mack relays this info to Daisy, May, and Deke who confront Sarge. He locks them, and Snow, in the back of the truck. It’s set to drive on auto, meaning it will deliver the bomb to Izel no matter what. Deke locates the bomb but it’s unlike anything any of them have ever seen and they don’t know how to defuse it.

Jaco’s discarded jacket acts as one half of a portal allowing Sarge to hop from the top of his truck onto the Helicarrier. Meanwhile, Mack is faced with an impossible scenario. He can take out Sarge’s truck to prevent the bomb from killing hundreds of thousands of people but doing so would kill Daisy, May, and Deke. He could shoot down Izel’s ship but he has no way of knowing if Sarge is telling the truth and he doesn’t know that FitzSimmons are on that ship. Everything is on a collision course. 


Field Notes

In the kicker, Enoch contacts another Chronicom for help rebuilding their species. Back on their ship, the bounty hunters are going to use imprints of Fitz and Simmons brain to achieve their goals.

Daisy, after seeing Deke hooking up with Snow: “I need bleach for my eyes.”


Stephanie Coats