Someone Lives And Someone Dies In Agents Of SHIELD’s “Leap”

Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

After being shot in the chest and head, Sarge sure looks dead. May’s only explanation is “it had to be done.” Although Daisy tries to reason with her and understand, she’s left confused. In fact, so are Yo-Yo and Piper. They all know May wouldn’t use a gun for revenge; she’d sooner beat Sarge to a pulp with her fists. The three women decide to investigate and right away something is off. May tells Yo-Yo she doesn’t know why she’s in a holding cell and doesn’t have any memory of shooting Sarge. Right about then, something attacks Piper in the hallway.

There might not be much reason to hold May anyway. Somehow, Sarge still has a pulse. Not only is he not dying, he’s coming back to life, much to Simmons and Fitz’s befuddlement. Soon, all of Sarge’s wounds have healed. Simmons moves him down to the morgue to keep his status quiet and allow her time to figure out whatever he is. In Sarge’s dreams, he sees silhouetted figures of his family… or are they someone familiar? 

Piper, unharmed but acting strangely, sneaks a piece of the Shrike crystal from the lab. After talking with May about what she last remembered, Daisy and Yo-Yo visit Davis. He’s also missing a chunk of time and last remembers seeing May. We see what’s happening to each person when Deke happens upon Piper and Izel passes from her into Deke, who takes the crystal.

Mack places the Lighthouse on lockdown once he learns about Izel’s possession powers. Izel (as Deke) tries to get into a top-secret room but doesn’t have clearance. She needs Mack for that. The team deduces that Izel can’t access her host’s memories so they clear each other one at a time by confirming secrets. Mack locks up Daisy and Yo-Yo to prevent Izel from possessing them and using their powers. Piper storms in to confront Deke, but Mack has it figured out. Izel is in Fitz. She quickly hops from person to person, threatening to harm or kill her host or one of them unless they give her what she wants. She forces Piper to shoot herself in the hand and walks Davis over the edge of the second-floor landing. He dies when he hits the ground and in the rush, Izel possesses Mack.

When Sarge wakes, he demands to be let go so he can pursue Izel. Simmons and her guard refuse. Fitz and Deke theorize that when Coulson went into the fear dimension (in episode 100) to close it, the energy from the three monoliths created an alternate version of him somewhere in the universe. Izel soon confirms this to Sarge, who manages to find her anyway. She has handcuffed Mack and knocked him out before stepping into the room where SHIELD is storing the gravitonium device Coulson used to contain the energy of all three monoliths. 

Although Sarge immediately shoots Izel, she’s unphased. She tells him he’s not hunting her but longing for her because he’s meant to join her. “You and I are intertwined,” she says, “like two notes in harmony.” They come from a world of incorporeal beings and when the monoliths created a duplicate Coulson, Sarge inhabited him. In doing so, he retained flashes of Coulson’s memories of May, Daisy, and the team and believed these were memories of his family. He also remembered Izel and assumed she had killed them. 

The reality is, they had a shared mission to find the monoliths and create bodies for the rest of their kind. For a moment, it seems that Sarge will join her but then he shouts that he’s determined to stop her. The only way to do so, Izel proclaims, is to tap into the dormant power inside him that he’s denying. But doing so may make him loyal to her once again. On her way out, Izel possesses Yo-Yo and demands a plane. Mack agrees but only if he can accompany her. Fitz believes Sarge may be something like Ghost Rider, an entity from somewhere else with powers of his own.

Stephanie Coats