SDCC 2019: The Russo Brothers Take Over Hall H

Credit: Erika Rivera/4YE

What is a San Diego Comic Con without a Russo brothers panel?

This year the brothers were in Hall H to talk to the audience about, obviously, Marvel and also some new projects they were working on.

The Panel started off with a sizzle reel of All of the Russo’s work so far and let us tell you when it got to the “Avengers Assemble” scene the entire room was out of control. (Hey SDCC, maybe you should have considered a viewing of Avengers: Endgame in Hall H this year…probably would have been a hit just saying).

The two got a bunch of video questions from “fans” who ended up being members of the cast.

The question for Chris Evans was about his own character and it was about what Captain America would do after he got his first dance with Peggy when he went back in time.

And while there is obviously no true answer to this some of the suggestions they through around included (but are not limited to) saving Bucky, stopping the hydra infiltration in SHIELD, and saving himself from the ice.

(We wish someone would have asked how Steve staying in the past didn’t completely change the present but that’s for another time).

Paul Rudd asked probably the most important question of all to the brothers which was who, of the Chris’ (and the Paul’s) truly does have America’s ass and while the brothers refused to answer this the Hall was very on the side of Chris Evans.

Who can complain about that really.

Robert Downey Jr also sent in a question asking about the difference with Tony Stark saying “I am Iron Man” at the beginning of his story vs at the end and the Russo’s said the difference was in the place Tony Stark was as a person by the end of the arc.

We also got a brand new trailer for their new movie 21 Bridges starring Chadwick Boseman that you can see below:

The Russo’s also announced a new film they are working on with Tom Holland called Cherry which will be a dark drama that is nothing like Holland has ever done before as he explained in his video message.

Some of the other things the Russo’s are working on are a remake of The Thomas Crown Affair with Michael B. Jordan,  Grimjack which is based on an 80s comic, and Battle of the Planets.

Hopefully somewhere in there they can find the time to work on Secret Wars amirite?

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