SDCC 2019: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cast Gets Emotional Talking About Their Final Season, Reveal Spoilers for Season 6

Credit: Stephanie Coats/4YE

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD celebrated all six of their seasons during their panel at SDCC 2019. The cast and executive producers were there to talk about how the show has evolved and what to expect next in season 6 and in their final season. Spoilers ahead!

“Season one is a magical place,” said Clark Gregg. And that’s where this panel started. A highlight reel reminded us of all of the action and betrayal in that first season. Gregg credits fans for spreading the #CoulsonLives movement and getting his character resurrected after Avengers and launching this show. Maurissa Tancharoen chimed in to say she thinks the fans are what keep the showing going still. 

The season two highlight reel was almost too much to watch. Daisy becoming an Inhuman, Hunter, Bobbi, and Mack joining the team, and Trip dying! Talking about that dramatic scene in season 2 where she gets her quake powers, Chloe Bennet said because the scene was shown in slo-mo, she had to do the action really quickly. She had five seconds to react to Trip dying, being encased in rock, and then busting out with superhero powers. 

We weren’t the only ones getting teary during this panel though. The panelists were particularly emotional this year because they’d recently had their final table read for the series. Ming-Na Wen was choked up watching the highlight reels from each season and remembering all of the incredible scenes and stories they’ve put together for fans. The cast is currently filming the series finale and the end of the show is weighing heavily on them all. 

Season 3 brought the first ever FitzSimmons kiss(!!!) and Elizabeth Henstridge’s amazing solo performance on a seemingly barren planet somewhere in space. She said she enjoyed the experience but also missed her “best friends.” She also gave Bennet a lot of credit for her performance at the end of that season when Lincoln sacrifices himself to save Daisy and the world. 

Henry Simmons talked about joining the show, even though at the time he didn’t know “a damn thing” about it, he said. Pretty soon he knew he was in for a unique and special experience. The scene when the team says goodbye to Bobbi and Hunter hit Simmons especially hard because he was and is very close personally to actors Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood. The tears in his silent toast to them were real. 

Simmons never expected to be a series regular so when the producers came to tell him that’s what was happening, he thought they were coming to say his character was going to die. So he ran the other direction! But Tanchareon knew Simmons needed to stay as soon as they framed the camera on him the first time. “He needs to STAY!” she said with obvious heart eyes. Who can blame her?

Season 4 was a big one. Ghost Rider, the Framework, and AIDA all in one season! Iain de Caestecker transformed our sweet Fitz into the menacing Leopold, a HYDRA operative. The actor initially said being the bad guy was quite fun but then recanted saying he missed working closely with Henstridge. Natalia Cordova could relate because one of her favorite scenes ever to shoot was the end of season 4 with Mack and his daughter in the Framework. It was the final day of filming and she felt it was a special way to close things out.

The season 5 highlight reel got a major cheer when the FitzSimmons wedding was shown. As the newest cast member, Jeff Ward happily gushed about how much he’s loved working with everyone. He barely kept himself from getting too emotional while saying, “I love all these people very, very much.” Season 5 also bade farewell to the man who started it all, Phil Coulson. Gregg believes Coulson wasn’t sad at the end because he was “stepping onto the sands of Tahiti with someone who was going to make it very magical.”

During a quick Q&A, Jed Whedon teased that Daisy and Simmons’ time in space would be covered in a comic, though it was very early stages in development. And then we were shown a trailer for the remainder of season 6!


Season 6 Spoilers:

  • After being shot in the head and chest, Sarge wakes up in the med bay. Not only is he still alive, but he’s also getting stronger somehow.
  • He realizes he has powers of some kind, almost like blowing sands from his hands and his face also partially disintegrates. He’s strong enough to throw Daisy across the room with no effort.
  • May is convinced some part of Coulson lives in Sarge and says if she sees a chance to get Coulson back, she’ll take it. Daisy presses that Coulson died a year ago and Sarge is not the same man.
  • Izel is still alive and tells Sarge he’s not hunting her, he’s drawn to her. He is lured in by the song she sings to the Shrike. Maybe he’s a part of her? It looks like he’s been with her since the very beginning and is poised to join up with her again.


Stephanie Coats